Illuminare Cosmetics is the original and world's first Liquid Mineral Makeup line and is the only mineral makeup in the world to use patented sunscreen boosters that make the minerals even more effective at protecting you from the sun.The formulas are so intricate yet so delicate that they require special packaging which keeps them fresh indefinitely. Illuminare liquid mineral makeup contains no plant extracts, perfumes, artificial dyes, animal derivatives, mica, bismuth oxychloride, talc, petroleum or any ingredients that are not absolutely needed in order to make a superior performing makeup and sunscreen in one.

All of Illuminare cosmetics are multi-use products. The foundations are your sunscreen, makeup and concealer in one. With Illuminare Ultimate formula you don't need to use a powder for an ultra matte look and it soaks up excess oils and perspiration as well. With Illuminare Fantastic Finish formula, most women don't need a moisturizer underneath and with Illuminare Extra Coverage formula you get full concealing power and it can serve as an eye color base for either powder eye colors or even Illuminare cream but crease proof eye color formulas. The All Day Eye Colors serve not only as an SPF 15 eye shadow, but they can be used to line the eyes and fill in or color eyebrows.