Freida and Joe

Co-founder Freida Brach was visiting her cousin after giving birth in a hospital in Brooklyn, and wanted to get something therapeutic that would uplift her cousin’s spirits. A greeting card or a stuffed animal, while nice, would not do the trick.

What Freida was looking for was something visceral but also therapeutic. A warm and pleasant fragrance that would fill her cousin’s hospital room with a sense of joy and calm. Her cousin could use it right there in the hospital and enjoy a sensory escape from the humdrum of recovering in the hospital bed. But unfortunately, that kind of gift and experience was not readily available in the hospital or nearby stores.

And out of this need, Freida and Joe was born. With her husband Joe, Freida has been working on carefully curating the finest aromas and ingredients to uplift your loved one’s spirits. Freida and Joe’s full array of products are both therapeutic and pleasing to the senses. No longer do you have to choose between products that smell good and products that make you feel good. With Freida and Joe’s, you get both every time.

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