ES Cosmetic

Founded in China in 2013, ES Cosmetics USA is a skincare brand that once acted as the research and development team for multiple luxury cosmetics companies. When it comes to regulations and quality control, you’ll find no better than one of the largest facial mask companies in the world!

Now based in New York, ES Cosmetics is dedicated to finding new and successful methods by using the most up-to-date technology. No matter your skin tone or age, you’ll find results with these simple skin care products that harness the strength of only the highest-quality ingredients.

Anti-Aging Face Masks

For centuries, Dead Sea mud has been used for a variety of ailments, including dry skin and blemishes. When you use a face mask regularly, you prevent clogged pores and limit sebaceous oil production. In the case of the C'est Beaute Mud Mask, it does so much more. ES Cosmetics utilizes this wonder substance – along with skin-healthy meadowfoam seed and olive oil – to nourish, detoxify, and reinvigorate your complexion. This 6-in-1 Korean skin care-inspired treatment also contains iron powder, which attaches to dead skin and acne-causing bacteria and is lifted away by the magnetic device included within. The results? Younger, firmer, and cleaner-looking skin! If you’ve run out of your pore cleansing mask, pick up your refill of C'est Beaute Mud at Beauty Bridge!

If it’s simple anti-aging skin care that you’re looking for, use the V6 Collagen Premium Face Mask to boost firmness and even out your skin’s texture. This is everything you need to lock in moisture and get that trademark dewy skin that Korean skincare provides!

Korean Beauty Masks

Korean skin care routines have been obsessed with snail oil for the last few decades, and for good reason! Snail oil (also known as snail serum and snail gel) is lauded for its anti-aging properties and sun damage protection. If you suffer from rough, dull skin, the V6 Snail Premium Face Mask for sensitive skin will revive your natural moisture barrier and rejuvenate your complexion. If your acne treatment still isn’t working for you, why not try the N.M.F Vital Black Face Mask for acne? Binochtan (also known as white charcoal) gently shrinks and purifies pores with the help of natural plant extracts like blueberry and mushroom. This peel-off face mask won’t leave your skin feeling dry or damaged, making clearer, more beautiful skin a possibility for everyone!

During the driest and coldest months of the year, your skin takes a beating. Infuse moisture back into your lifeless complexion with the N.M.F Honey Ampule – the perfect winter face mask. Loaded with healing manuka honey and royal jelly, you’ll have radiant skin after only 20 minutes!

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