Emily Alexandra Cosmetics

Emily Alexandra Cosmetics was created by Emily Alexandra Guglielmo in 2018.  

Emily is known as “The American Mermaid” aka The Florida Mermaid. Through her years being a scuba diver, mermaid, model, and ocean enthusiast, she decided to create a cosmetic line that not only was good for your skin, but safe for the oceans and coral reefs! 

While traveling the globe performing mermaid shows and appearances, she continues to spread the word on ocean conservation while promoting brand awareness to Emily Alexandra Cosmetics. For every purchase, a portion goes directly to SupportingWater.org. 

SupportingWater.org is a non-profit organization Emily Founded in 2018 to pursue her passion and love for water and receive support to bring drinking water to Third World Nations in new, innovative ways! 

Emily crafted her cosmetic collection with love, inspired by performance artists from Key West buskers to Cirque du Soleil.  Inspired by the creative evolution of the mermaid and unicorn movement on social media, she thrived on helping playful beauties share their love of wild color, sparkle and shine. At Emily Alexandra Cosmetics we’ve tapped the top insider insight from theatre makeup artists and seamlessly channeled it into a highly wearable, customizable line for individuals who choose to express their looks in a bold, wild way to bring their fantasy forward into the world.  As a social media savvy brand, our potent pigments are designed to pop in both still photography and video capture. 

Our products are:

• Vegan     
• Cruelty-free 
• Recycled Packaging 
• Ocean-Friendly     
• Water Resistant
• Hypoallergenic 
It’s time to look at makeup in a whole new way!!! #GoOnGetYourShineOn