Edam Essentials

The Founder & Story of Edam
Edam - which stands for Each Day a Moment - is a lifestyle wellness brand that's all about promoting self-care for women. Edam Essentials is 100% female owned by Vanessa, Founder & CEO. She believes that healthy self-care habits help to create a healthy mindset, which is why she launched Edam in 2019. Every women should take a moment for herself everyday. Edam - Each Day a Moment.

The Renewing Ritual of Skincare
Cleansing your skin, a popular self-care act, should be a relaxing, renewing ritual - a simple way to emotionally reset, remove negative energy, and create a positive mindset every day. That's why Vanessa created a line of skincare accessories that enhance and elevate important me-time moments. These skincare accessories are all designed to transform your everyday skincare regimen into a beautifully soothing and renewing experience.

The First-Ever Face Washing Kit
Edam's signature product is the Facial Rinse Kit, which is a FIRST-TO-MARKET PRODUCT that solves a long standing skincare routine challenge. After doing extensive research, the company discovered that the #1 SKINCARE ROUTINE CHALLENGE women face today is water running down their arms and getting their clothes and arms wet when washing or rinsing their face in a sink. This represents approx. 26 million U.S. women between the ages of 15 - 45 years old. The Facial Rinse Kit is the FIRST EVER total face washing kit that keeps your arms, clothes and hair DRY when washing/ rinsing your face.