Dafna Skincare

Named for owner and founder, Dafna’s Skincare revolves around the most advanced biotech discoveries and pure plant-based ingredients. These Ayurvedic-inspired skin care products also harness 100% natural aromatherapeutic essential oils to heal mind, body, and soul. Dafna Skincare promises never to use parabens, petrolatum products, silicones, artificial ingredients, and paraffins. This natural cruelty-free skin care company is also free of any allergens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and any animal products or by-products. With over 40 natural ingredients that work together, you’ll fight skin problems like aging, acne, and free radical damage. Whatever your needs are, by using Dafna’s vegan skin care products, you’ll see a radiant new you!

Sensitive Skin Care

Many facial washes strip the face of its natural protective barrier, and finding one that maintains the right balance (while sweeping away makeup and oil) has been difficult – until now. Try the Dafna Recovery Cleanser, a gel that warms in the palm of the hands. Antioxidants and organic botanical oils like lemongrass and bamboo detoxify and instantly calm complexions. We recommend using a pea-sized amount, massaging it into dry skin, and using a warm, wet muslin cloth to remove it. This natural face product doubles as a reparative face mask as well, whether it’s for a few minutes or overnight.

Masks are an incredibly important step in face care, and they can be a major step in healing problem points like rosacea and acne scars. With the Revival Bio-Active Beauty Mask, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, invigorating ginseng, and purifying capsulated charcoal work together to provide a balanced, revitalized complexion. You’ll see that your face is softer, brighter, and more balanced. It doesn’t matter whether your signs of stress manifest from free radical damage, insomnia, or city life – this face mask was designed for you. Apply this product onto your clean, dry face for upwards of 10 minutes. Using damp hands, massage into your skin for a minute until the charcoal capsules have been blended. After another five minutes, you can wash your face and add your favorite Dafna Skincare moisturizer.

Dafna Facial Moisturizer

It doesn’t matter whether you have sensitive or dry skin, the Dafna Active Mist is a perfect fit for brightening and refreshing your complexion. Medicinal botanical oils like calendula and fig juice are carefully blended to soothe, protect, and turn back the clock on photoaging. Use a cotton ball to swipe across your face and neck, following with the Dafna moisturizer of your choice. Be sure to breathe deeply for a full-body experience.

If you’re seeking a facial moisturizer that works while you sleep, look no further than the Dafna Nutrition Cream, which relaxes the senses, repairs skin, and slows down aging, thanks to green tea, ginseng, and reishi extracts. There’s a reason that this incredible face moisturizer has been placed on multiple beauty best-of awards lists – because it actually works!

Winner of the International Natural Health Beauty Awards, the Dafna Moisture + cream has the most supple texture and effective healing qualities. It’s one of our favorite organic skin care lines for so many reasons, like the fresh scent of neroli and rosemary, reparative bamboo extract, and wise choice of natural hyaluronic acid. Plump sallow, dry skin and fill fine lines and wrinkles by using this vegan face moisturizer every morning on your neck and décolletage, too.

If you have oily skin – or simply want to avoid a heavy facial moisturizer during the warmer months, the Dafna Moisture - Light is a fantastic selection. It absorbs quickly thanks to the dry components of argan oil, calms with aloe vera, and removes irritation with the use of rosemary leaf extract. You deserve a summer glow all year round, and you’ll find it with this organic skin care product.

Dafna Anti-Aging Products

Like any eye cream, use your ring finger to lightly pat the Dafna Eye Care into place to repair fragile skin. You’ll notice an improvement in skin texture. Rosehip oil fights the development of fine lines, calendula oil calms normally puffy skin, and chicory root kickstars the collagen production process. For the best anti-aging serum, Dafna has got the answer: its Anti-Aging & Glow Serum. Super hydrating and with an immediate tightening effect, you’ll absolutely love the results that you get with every use. You deserve tighter skin, and this is the best cruelty free skin care to do precisely that.