CoverBlend by Exuviance is the line of Concealing Treatment Cosmetics formulated to conceal and correct all types of visible skin imperfections while providing anti-aging treatment and sunscreen protection. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

*International Customers please note: CoverBlend brand products can not be sold or shipped outside the United States due to various foreign, regulatory and legal considerations. The CoverBlend line corrects, treats and protects with a range of camouflaging makeup for both face and body including the Concealing Treatment Makeup for correcting imperfections on the face; the Multi-Function Concealer for spot areas on the face including dark eye circles; the Anti-Aging Finishing Powder for an optional flawless finish; and the Corrective Leg & Body Makeup conceals imperfections on the body, providing long lasting, full camouflaging even while swimming. Concealing acne, acne scarring, stretchmarks, psoriasis and tattoos is EASY!! The soft crème corrective makeup is simply "patted" over the area to be concealed right from the jar. No melting or messy powder needed. In fact, it’s so easy, even a child can learn to apply their own "special makeup."

CoverBlend delivers on its claim to be smudgeproof and non-transferable -- even without powder as required by the market leader (Dermablend). In an eight-hour wearability study CoverBlend Concealing Treatment Makeup consistently out-scored Dermablend with scores between very good and excellent in categories that included even appearance, natural appearance, coverage/opacity, non-creasing, wearability and overall appearance. CoverBlend products are completely mineral oil-free, and have been confirmed in clinical studies to be non-comedogenic. Easy to apply, blend and camouflage, the products are available in contemporary shades (without alot of red tones) that offer a natural match to real skin tones.

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