CAYNUT has come to revolutionize dermocosmetics with the Finest Nourishing Oil in the world.

The Colombian Amazon has a treasure known by few until today!

The Cacay tree seed has a concentration of vitamins and essential fatty acids unprecedented in the market, producing the most desired results on the skin.


Due to its higher content of linoleic acid, as an emollient factor and with 100% natural Retinol-Vitamin A, CAYNUT promotes the cellular regeneration of the skin, restoring elasticity, smoothness and tone to the skin, reducing wrinkles and skin aging in the first month of use.

In addition, it provides high doses of Vitamin E or Tocopherols, antioxidants ideal for strengthening cell barriers and leveling the amount of fat stored in the skin, clearing spots and eliminating acne.

CAYNUT came to break paradigms, it is an oil for all skin types (yes, also for oily skin) because it’s composed of 68% polyunsaturated essential acids that penetrate the skin barrier without clogging the pores. Due to its rapid absorption, CAYNUT is considered a Fast Oil and its users will not have that annoying feeling of oily skin minutes after its application.


100% Caryodendron Orinocense nut oil, commonly known as Cacay Oil. Additionally, CAYNUT has NO chemical additives or fragrances; avoiding allergies and sensitive reactions on skin.

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