Bubbles and Butter Artisan Skincare

We try to eat well and exercise whenever possible, but we often forget about simple skin care routines to keep ourselves healthy. Since the epidermis is the largest organ in the human body – and most exposed to elements like UV rays and pollution – it’s vital to take better care of it. If you’re searching for a bath and body company that refuses to use unnatural chemicals (like petroleum, parabens, sulfates, and harsh dyes), you’ll love natural skin care line, Bubbles and Butter Artisan Skincare.

Handcrafted, hydrating, and luxurious, you’ll left how your body (and mind!) will feel when you use these small-batch moisturizers, body washes, bath salts, and candles – all perfumed with pure essential and fragrance oils. It’s a lifestyle change that couldn’t be easier or more rewarding!

Bubbles & Butter Body Lotions & Balms

Bubbles and Butter Lovestruck Lotion’s floral bouquet provides softer skin with every use. Avocado, jojoba, grape seed, and shea butter are only some of the super-hydrating ingredients used in the best body moisturizers – providing a texture that’s reminiscent of body butter. For a tropical getaway in a bottle, slather your body in Go Coconuts! Lotion.

Keep the flirty and fun Margarita on the Rocks Balm in your bag to combat just about anything. Take it from us and our skin care tips: From rough elbows to dry lips to sunburn, this extra-nourishing moisturizer will become part of your regular skin care routine.

Bubbles & Butter Body Wash & Bath Salts

What makes the best natural body wash? Attention to detail and ingredients. With the Sugar & Spice Body Wash, you’ll discover soothing aloe vera, invigorating orange peel, and a heavy-handed brown sugar scent (not that we’re complaining!). For a fruity flavored natural shower gel that lightly lingers throughout the day, we’re a massive fan of the Island Girl Body Wash. Start your day off the right way!

Bubbles and Butter bath salts are an absolute indulgence, infusing skin with good-for-you magnesium and anti-inflammatory sea salts. With the Honeycrisp Bath Salts, you’ll completely unwind while detoxifying.

Bubbles & Butter Candles

If you could have your own signature scent for body and home, why wouldn’t you? When you light a Bubbles & Butter candle, you won’t find any lingering nasties: Just soy, essential oils, and fragrance oils. The Love & Lemons Candle lends a cheerful aroma to any room in the house, while the Lovestruck Candle will take your environment from “blah” to “beautiful” in no time.