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When it comes to serious dark circles under the eyes, or serious hyperpigmented age spots on the hands or face, people around the globe turn to Bremenn Research Labs. Top-selling Hylexin Eye Cream helps reduce the appearance of serious discoloration, puffiness, and bags in the delicate eye area, providing improved skin tone and a more youthful appearance.

Bremenn's latest product, Lumedia, targets serious age spots on the hands and face. The first topical skin-lightening formula that doesn't rely on hydroquinone alone. Lumedia is a new combination of three powerful skin lighteners that dramatically reduce melanin concentrations (melanin causes dark spots) and inhibit tyrosinase activity (an enzyme that ultimately controls melanin production). Lumedia helps to quickly fade dark hyperpigmented problem areas and prevent new spots from forming... making it the ultimate solution for problem age spots and visible imperfections.

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