Botanical Hair Lab team is passionate about creating hair products lines that provide benefits on every level. All our bio-active natural formulas identify the ingredients that work in synergy with your body’s inherent mechanisms. Our hair growth lines use essential oils and botanical compounds – not chemicals – to reverse alopecia or hair loss. This concept of healing is based on Ayurveda, Chinese and Traditional European Medicine . These are healing practices that use “pure substances” to bring the body back into balance. Nature provides these pure substances in abundance, and they have no secondary side effects.

BOTANICAL HAIR GROWTH LAB offers a few of the lines designed to provide a solution to everyone who is searching for effective but natural products, free of harsh chemicals to preserve your youth and beauty. Our passion for the beauty industry combined with the strong scientific background allowed to develop the most effective solutions to today’s hair loss problems for thousands of satisfied clients each year! All our products are a perfect blend of healthy life-style and deliberate science producing precise combinations of form and function. Besides premium ingredients used in our formulas, all our products were developed based on the understanding of hair and skin physiology. We are looking out for you by offering the best options to reveal your stronger healthier hair!