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How do we love Botanical Esthé face masks? Let us count the ways that this skin care routine is revolutionizing and simplifying the cosmetic industry. This is an unbelievable 7-in-1 skin treatment that removes the need to purchase face cleanser, toner, anti-aging serum, emulsion, facial moisturizer, face pack, and makeup primer. Accompanied by an uplifting, natural lemon scent, this product is sure to rev up your morning routine.

How to Use Botanical Esthé Face Masks

Simply unfold and fit the 100% cotton sheet mask around your eyes and mouth. After waiting 60 seconds, peel off and gently massage the residual serum into your skin. There’s no need for rushing or rinsing, and you’ll have a cleaner, tighter, and more moisturized complexion. With your Botanical Esthé, everyone has time for beautiful skin!

What Ingredients Are Used in Botanical Esthé Masks?

It’s no secret that sensitive skin loves sugar cane alpha hydroxy acids, which are renowned for their ability to moisturize, halt signs of aging, and fight acne. Aloe and avocado soothe irritated skin with their rich compositions, nourishing from deep within the epidermal layers.

Argan oil is prized for its deeply-nourishing omega-6 fatty acids, and can be safely used on all skin types – especially dry skin – without becoming greasy. Cooling mint is antibacterial and contains salicylic acid, which helps to stop and clear out blemishes.

Rosehip oil is currently considered a wonder plant by many skincare experts – and has been for centuries. Its essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic) help skin retain moisture, increases collagen production, and is known to calm skin affected by conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Artichoke extract is a secret weapon of the natural cosmetics industry, especially in face moisturizers and anti-aging serums. Studies show that they have the ability to improve skin tone, prevent photo-aging, and diminish fine lines.

When it comes to Botanical Esthé, there’s no better natural face mask on the market today. Incredibly adhesive and unbelievably addictive, you’ll love what you see. Your skin will never be the same!

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