Bossie Beauty

Bossie is a brand inspired by the women leading, empowering, and redefining the rules of beauty, gender, and society - the women creating their own rules and exploring their individual truths.

We, the ladies of the Bossie team, have embarked on a journey to discover, create, and produce products that fit your (our) lifestyle and hair goals. We understand our hair is just as versatile and ever-evolving as our fashion and personal growth. By creating products that bring back the life, creativity, and fun to our hair we hope to inspire and empower women around the world to embrace their hair’s individuality, own it, and love it!

  • Bossie Beauty - The Innovator- Thermal Styler

    Bossie Beauty

    The Innovator- Thermal Styler

    • Brand Product Type: DRSH
    • Cost Margin: 1.2
    • LocalSKU: NBOS000002S00
    • product title: The Innovator- Thermal Styler
    • product-type: Tools
    • product-type: Styling Products & Tools
    • gift-idea: Hair Care Gifts