Boiess Colognes

Boiess Colognes is a US company, born with the vision & mission of crafting high quality hypoallergenic, clean, natural Eau de Colognes, inspired by the Mediterranean scents.

Our Mom&me launch collection aims to provide scents that create memories of love and nurture to last a lifetime. We have infused our formulas with Prebiotics & Vitamin B3, they are pediatrician and dermatologist tested and are suitable for moms, their babies or as the little ones first fragrances. Our gentle and fresh formulas are produced in Europe and comply with the highest standards to make them suitable to even the most sensitive skins, fragrances you can trust around your loved ones. Fragrances for the whole family to create fresh and clean scents everyone will enjoy.

How to use them? For Infants, we suggest applying gently on clothes and other items, whilst avoiding areas near the eyes or mouth. For moms/dads, toddlers and kids, spray freely through the day and night to create a relaxed, soothing and fresh environment.

We are a women owned business with deep sense of respect for our planet, our products are plant based, cruelty free throughout the whole suply chain, recycable, compact by design to minimize our carbon footprint and manufactured in facilities with Zero waste initiatives and renewable energy consumption.

Scents that create a journey