being TRUE

Being TRUE offers products to enhance natural beauty

Being TRUE embodies the best in ancient, current and future technologies to create products designed to help consumers exhibit their natural beauty. Born from the spa industry, Being TRUE cosmetics are crafted to pamper users and bring the relaxing experience of a spa into their own homes.

The Being TRUE Protective Mineral Foundation is one product that makeup lovers will want to add to their collections. The foundation creates a luminous appearance while hiding flaws and shielding the skin from daily environmental stress.

Similarly, the Being TRUE Protective Illuminating Concealer can keep blemishes hidden while giving the face a radiant look. This concealer includes skin brighteners to eliminate discoloration and signs of aging while adding a layer of protection to the skin.

True cosmetics mineral makeup is specifically designed to include ingredients that benefit the skin while bringing out the natural beauty in all of its users. Being TRUE skin cream is also formulated to address problems ranging from aging to dryness, while True cosmetics makeup is crafted to help users look beautiful without needing to cake on products and hide their actual skin.

Body Care, Restoring, Anti-Aging, Purifying and Comforting are just some of the many categories of Being TRUE products that individuals can dive into on the hunt for the perfect cosmetics.

being TRUE cosmetics + skin + body unite luxury well-being and dermatological efficacy in performance skin care and mineral makeup. being TRUE dedicated to the US spa industry.

TRUE Cosmetics introduce Idebenone, a breakthrough super antioxidant delivering a new level of skin protection along with dramatic anti-aging benefits. This new multifunctional compound behaves like antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q10 and the potent hydroquinone. Yet it is more effective than either and without the skin sensitizing action common to many results-driven ingredients.

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