Baby Foot

Baby Foot is the most incredible foot mask that provides unbelievably soft feet with a three-step application and zero effort! Throw your pumice, files and peeling chemicals out (they only give temporary relief anyway)! You’ll discover pain-free, spa-quality treatment for even the oldest calluses and cracked heels caused by wearing high heels. In addition to handling unpleasant dead skin cells, the Baby Foot mask beats odor and athlete’s foot, and helps to improve blood circulation with its secret blend of botanicals.

How Do Baby Foot Peels Work?

Each single-use pack contains two plastic socks. Remove your foot peel mask and use the tape within to attach these socks. The foot mask should stay on for at least an hour, and warm socks and slippers may be worn over the top of them. Next? Get comfortable! When the 60 minutes are up, simple remove and carefully wash your feet. Over the course of the following two weeks, you’ll notice that the foot area will begin to peel. This is natural, and there’s no need to scrub or use a pumice stone. If your feet are too dry, only occasionally use oil-free moisturizers. Speed up the peeling process by soaking your feet in warm water once a day, and simply reapply once every two months to keep the softest feet imaginable.

The original Baby Foot Peel was developed with 17 natural ingredients and plant extracts. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) were chosen by Baby Foot for their natural exfoliation benefits. They are far gentler on skin than other acids typically used in similar products, and extend the exfoliation process to prevent harsh reactions (we’ve all had tender feet after intense pedicures!). Lemon improves tone, apple (which is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols) rejuvenates skin, and grapefruit fights off free radicals. But that’s not all: horsetail extract is loved for its antimicrobial properties, burdock root treats dry skin, burdock root cleanses and softens, and sage keeps feet from looking younger and more refreshed.

Regular pedicures can cause damage to the natural grain of the foot, and often don’t have lasting softness for more than a couple of weeks. Instead of throwing your money at cracked heels, risking a nasty infection from improperly cleaned tools, and feeling tenderness pain on the most sensitive part of your body, try a gradual and non-invasive foot peel procedure! With People Magazine and Allure Magazine raving about the Babyfoot Foot Peel, why wouldn’t you see what the fuss is all about?

Foot Peels for Men

Men’s feet need some extra foot care, just like the rest of us. With the Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel For Men, men can feel confident when they wear sandals and flip flops during the warmer months. Rough, jagged skin is smoothed by the fruit acid formula, and even callouses start to dissolve with recommended use. Unlike other foot peels, Babyfoot has perfected their ingredient list, and only includes natural plant ingredients in all of their products.

Unfortunately, most foot peels aren’t meant for a large foot size. All of that has changed with the Exfoliation Foot Peel, which combines the brand’s trademark, hard-working formula in booties that fit up to a man’s size 14 foot. With a refreshingly minty scent, you’ll slough off years of dead skin cells. No need to visit a salon: pedicured feet are only one step away. Order your Baby Foot products today!

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