Since 2011, Apothederm anti-aging products have been on the cutting edge of the skin care industry. Patented SmartPeptides™ are dermatologist-tested, allowing them to stimulate and improve specific problem areas like smile lines, stretch marks and crepe-like skin. These bioactive peptides – created expressly for Apothederm – are the most advanced in the worl. Paraben-free, phthalate-free, and non-comedogenic, this skin care company believes that what you put in your body is just as important as what goes on it.


Regular cleansing is known to be drying, which can create dull, flaky skin. With the Apothederm Moisturizing Cleanser, you can scrub away dirt, oil, and makeup while keeping skin soft and hydrated (thanks to evening primrose and avocado oil). Vitamins A, C, and E fight free radicals while providing age-defying supplementation. Twice a day, massage into your face and neck. Rinse, pat dry, and follow with your favorite moisturizer and/or serum.

If you have the unfortunate luck of suffering from acne or frustrating acne scars, Apothederm’s line of brightening and acne skin care products provides everything you need for a healthier, happier visage. Try the Apothederm Brightening Cleanser to target scars, uneven skin tone, and dryness with its exfoliating properties. Minimal amounts of salicylic acid shrink pores while botanicals like cucumber, sage, and tea tree oil soothe and protect skin throughout the day. After cleansing, sweep the Clarifying Toner across your face with a cotton cloth. Botanical extracts like aloe vera, green tea, and witch hazel contain everything you need to fight hyperpigmentation, fine line formation, and clogged pores. When dry, use the Apothederm products in your daily regimen.

Twice weekly, be sure to use the Facial Enzyme Exfoliant to remove dull, dead skin cells and uncover the gorgeous, glowing surface beneath. Unlike the harsh walnut shells that drugstore face scrubs contain, Apothederm utilizes papaya extract that gently buffs and polishes fine lines and wrinkles. Dry elbows, knees, and other rough patches getting you down? Reach for the Apothederm Body Prep Scrub, formulated with jojoba oil and aloe vera to infuse skin with unbelievable hydration. Follow with your favorite non-comedogenic moisturizer for the ultimate experience.


Who doesn’t love an all-purpose beauty product that hydrates face, body, hair, cuticles, and anywhere else quick moisture is needed? Argan oil is naturally full of fatty acids and vitamin E, which is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. The pure, cold-pressed Argan Oil Treatment will be your new favorite simple skin care product. Need something a bit more intense? Try the Apothederm Moisturizing Cream, developed expressly for dry, aging skin. SmartPeptides® zap free radicals, allowing shea butter and soybean oil to work their magic. The addition of sodium hyaluronate only amplifies this face moisturizer’s incredible water retention.

Anti-Aging Skin Care

We all deserve an anti-aging serum that provides a smoother, more radiant complexion. With the Bright Skin Serum, you’ll discover the perfect balance of oliogopeptide-10 and alpha hydroxy acid to rejuvenate and plump skin. Use a peppercorn-sized amount to clean and dry skin twice a day. The skin around the eyes is different to the rest of your face, and you need a Hydrating Eye Cream that targets this super-sensitive area. Minimize swelling, erase crow’s feet, and keep signs of aging in check. In an independent study, more than 90% of users noticed smoother skin in less than two weeks. Simply put, this is best anti aging eye cream – it shows actual results! The neck and decolleté areas start to droop and form a crepe-like texture with age, but the Apothederm Firming Neck Cream increases the skin’s collagen production with Heptapeptide-7. No more age spots and softer, more defined skin? Yes please!

Possibly their most trusted and beloved product, the Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream will banish and vanish new and old stretch marks within just two weeks! Super fast-absorbing, this stretch mark cream moisturizes so deeply (with meadowfoam seed, shea butter, and cocoa butter) that it even prevents the appearance of future ones! What other products can say the same?

Skin Care Sets

Being on the road doesn’t mean that you can afford to take a break from your skin care routine! The Apothederm Deluxe Travel Kit is a TSA-approved skin repair set that can go everywhere you can! Three serums, the best facial moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, all in an adorable cosmetic bag. If your skin is naturally dry, fight back with the Renew and Nourish System. Apply the Nourishing Serum to erase fine lines and beat back free radicals, exfoliate with the Facial Enzyme Exfoliant to reach homeostasis, and pat on the under eye cream to target puffiness and dark circles. The 4-in-1 Anti-Aging System combines the best anti-aging products in the Apothederm line: Firming Serum, Eye Cream, Moisturizing Cream, and Moisturizing Cleanser. You’ll love – and see – the results!