Why would you put anything but the best ingredients anywhere near your skin? Many dermatological issues like acne can begin with the use of unnatural, comedogenic cosmetics. When it comes to the best natural and organic makeup companies, Antonym products are all chemical free makeup, and shirk the use of synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and phthalates. This ensures that each product is safe for even the most sensitive skin. First-time Antonym users will be shocked to learn that vegan, cruelty-free, organic mineral makeup can be high performance, highly-pigmented and long-lasting! What’s better, the brand prides itself on using sustainable materials and packaging whenever possible, especially from bamboo.

Antonym reviews couldn’t be kinder, either, and have been quickly snapped up by professional makeup artists and celebrities who embrace their natural lifestyles but want to look their best in red carpet photos.

Foundation Makeup

Looking to appear more radiant than ever? Each foundation Antonym puts is sure to flatter each skin tone and type. With the Antonym Baked Foundation, you’ll have a brighter complexion with seamless application. This mineral foundation is formulated with light-reflecting properties and can be added as lightly or heavily as you want thanks to its customizable blendability. Looking for a bit more coverage? Try the Antonym Liquid Foundation. The good-for-you blend of sweet almond oil protect, jojoba oil to control acne, and sunflower oil to generate skin production. What’s more, the sodium hyaluronate within the liquid mineral concealer protects your skin from nasty free radicals.

Antonym Blush and Highlighter

The Antonym Baked Blush is carefully baked as a creme blush in terra cotta, and the unique color swirls ensures that each mixture is one-of-a-kind. Envelope the apples of your cheeks with delicate color. This is perfect – and couldn’t be easier – to incorporate this mineral blush into your daily makeup routine. For an evening-ready look, use a contouring brush to apply blush along the hollows of your cheek by sweeping lightly. Simply blend and follow with a highlighter, if desired. Try the peach blush for something fun and flirty, or the copper for a stunning blush bronzer that’s weightless and velvety. We are also absolutely obsessed with the Highlighting Blush Cheek Crush. It’s perfect for those of looking for luminescence and color in one product!

Lip Pencils

For the best lip color, pick up an Antonym lipstick pencil. These certified natural products offer light-to-medium coverage with intense impact. Unlike most lip pencils, Antonym’s special blend of natural sunflower oil and shea butter keeps your pout perfectly moisturized. And a healthy blend of Vitamin C and E ensure that you’re protected from free radicals and UV rays. Waterproof with an unbelievably creamy texture, the Koral natural lipstick is a kicky orange-pink and the Naturelle stuns in long-lasting mauve. There’s no reason not to keep two or three of these lipstick pencils in your makeup bag at all times!

Eye Makeup

Many organic makeup brands offer eye makeup that doesn’t last, tugs at skin or doesn’t have the necessary ‘pop’ or pigment. All that has changed with Antonym eyeliner. Their Waterproof Eye Pencil in brown and black is a 100% natural offer that works beautiful. Marula oil and carnauba wax are rich enough to be used on even the most sensitive water lines. Before setting, use your favorite Antonym brush to smudge the product for a sultry look. Smoky or straight, the shapes you make with your Antonym eye pencil are endless. Best of all, you don’t need a separate sharpener: it’s built in!

How often do you find a healthy mascara? With Antonym Lola Lash Mascara, you get volume, definition and super soft lashes! The beeswax, carnauba and shea butter in the best mascara for sensitive eyes moisturize and prevent clumping. No tough chemicals here: a simple wash with water and your favorite cleanser should suffice with Antonym mascara. Need to add some sultry or smoky shades to your regular look? With Antonym eyeshadow, because minerals are triple-milled, you get incredible pigmentation and unbelievably playability. The To The Moon and Black eyeshadow palette comes in flattering hues of black, pearl, slate, and grey. Velvet soft and eye-brightening, you’ll fall in love with this classy, classic quartet of colors.

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