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What could be more luxurious than using actual diamonds in your hair care routine? Angel Recipe has perfected a winning combination of raw collagen, hyaluronic, and finely ground diamonds to coat each strand of damaged hair in a shiny, hydrating veil. Start each day with the Diamond Infused Shampoo, which is infused with good-for-you mango, coconut, and argan oil. For the best in damaged hair treatment, use the Diamond Infused Hair Mask to turn back the clock and reveal healthy tresses. We recommended applying this mask to damp hair and covering it with a warm towel for five minutes.

Angel Recipe Facial Products

Dehydration is the number one cause of fine lines and wrinkles, and the Rich Moist Beauty Essence Serum targets these concerns with concentrated collagen and soothing chamomile. Use this anti-aging serum twice daily to replenish your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Be sure to use the Angel Recipe Rich Face Wash for a healthy dose of moisture each morning. Microscopic platinum is used to firm and hyaluronic hydrates better than any other natural ingredient. You deserve the best facial cleanser that actually reverses signs of aging.

Dull skin getting you down? Try the Angel Recipe Brightening Face Wash each morning and evening to sweep away oil and lighten your tone. This triple-lightening cleanser sees best results when followed by the Brightening Serum, a vitamin c serum for skin. Apply to clean skin before bed each evening.

For centuries, clay has been prized for its restorative qualities on skin. When you use Angel Recipe’s Clay Face Wash, three types of clay and charcoal are utilized to deep-clean pores and reveal a smoother complexion. Lavender oil eliminates acne scars and zaps blemish-causing bacteria, while aloe vera soothes red and dry skin. Sourced from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, ghassoul (or rhassoul) clay is a unique facial clay that nourishes while acting as a pore cleanser. High in potassium and magnesium – which boosts cellular activity – the Angel Recipe Clay Pack only requires five minutes for brighter skin. For the deepest clean possible, reach for the Clay Gel Cleansing Gel, a gentle skin peel that infuses your face with incredible hydration.

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