Angel Recipe

Angel Recipe Rich Moist Series

Focuses on delivering absolute hydration by blending 3 types of collagen totaling over 7,000mg in 3 steps. Platinum attends to the aging signs to reveal firmer, brighter skin. Richly infused with argan, jojoba oil, honey, chamomile, aloe, vitamin c, hyaluronic acids to further support hydration and improving radiancy. Infused with collagen concentrate to replenish skin with plenty of moisture to reveal hydrated, supple skin and fight aging signs.

Angel Recipe Whitening Series

Triple whitening agents of Arbutin, Vitamin C, Saxifrage extract help prevent age/dark spots while raw collagen helps nourish the skin. Lightens existing dark spots and prevents future skin darkening with our proprietary triple whitening action. With richly amount of collagen and whitening essences, this serum is all you need to use after your face wash is done. Delivers hydration and lightens any darkness in the skin and prevents melanin production.

Angel Recipe Peel Clay Series

Formulated with 3 types of clay and charcoal to deep clean impurities from pores. Provides gentle peeling with apple AHA while raw collagen delivers hydration. Gentle foam formula to deep clean pores from any impurities and provide gentle peeling with AHA to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.