Allurials was founded in 2015 with the understanding that the natural world can provide everything you need for high quality yet affordable organic skin care products. Thousands of beauty and hair care products on the market today target only one specific problem, which is far from the intent of this company. Produced entirely in the United States, these cruelty-free cosmetics come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Though Allurials’ product list might be smaller than many of their competitors, each of their body moisturizers and hair conditioners are carefully developed and tested to provide inclusivity for all customers. No matter whether you’re trying to tame curly or dyed hair with their organic hair care products or nourishing sensitive skin with their natural skin care products, one thing is for certain: There’s something for everyone at Allurials.

Allurials Skin Care

Aloe vera is the universal skin soother, and most of us have applied the natural and clear substance when we get a sunburn. The natural wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties of this magic plant haven’t gone unnoticed, so the Allurials All Natural Aloe Vera Gel is exactly what it advertises: 100% organic aloe vera. Whether you suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, recurring canker sores or heat blisters, or dandruff, you can count on the Allurials Aloe Vera Gel for all-over-body care. We’ve always been told not to play with our food, but the Allurials’ Organic Carrot Seed Oil is simply too perfect not to! This organic, cold-pressed oil is chock full of antioxidants, which is perfect for hair, face, and body application. Eternally dry, lifeless hair just needs the tiniest bit of carrot seed oil to provide fuller, softer locks. Sensitive skin and acne prone users will absolutely love the huge moisture and smoothing that this small vial provides. Beta carotene is natural free radical and UV-ray protection. As expected, this natural skin care product is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and perfect for all skin types.

Allurials Hair Care

Tired of frizzy, lifeless, unmanageable hair? Suffer from an itchy, dry scalp? Say goodbye to all of that with the Jasmine Hair Conditioner. Designed for men and women who are tired of their regular conditioners’ empty promises, this incredible, 100% organic hair care product utilizes soothing aloe vera, nourishing argan oil, and invigorating jasmine oil. Coconut and avocado oils envelope around each hair shaft, and when rinsed away, leave behind bouncy, radiant tresses – from the first use! If you suffer from scent sensitivities, not to worry: Allurials has got you covered. With the Allurials Fragrance Free Hair Conditioner, count on the same great formula but without the natural floral perfume. Zero irritants, color-safe, and sulfate-free hair care products you can count on!