BORGHESE - Tuscan Home Candle Collection (Arezzo, Pisa & Siena)

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BORGHESE - Tuscan Home Candle Collection (Arezzo, Pisa & Siena)

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    In need of a more calming, soothing area to destress yourself? You can achieve just that with the help of the Tuscan Home Candle Collection (Arezzo, Pisa & Siena) from Borghese. This brilliant fragrant candle kit contains a plethora of intoxicating fragrances to relax your problems away. These wonderful candles' wax is made up of vegetable, soy and bees wax. The look of each candle is modern, classic and timeless. It will look perfect in any room of the house that you choose. If you are looking to feel rejuvenated than any of these three Italian-inspired aromatic blends will be perfect for you. The fragrance will have you at ease, and after taking a whiff of these beautifully scented candles, you will want to put them all around the house!

    Arezzo:Fruity and floral with top notes of pear, cucumber, peach, cyclamen and sunflower, middle notes of plum, jasmine, lily, ylang, carnation, gardenia, and rose, with a vanilla and powdery raspberry base note.

    Siena: Tart and citrusy with top notes of limon, litsea, grapefruit and orange, middle notes of jasmine, geranium, parsley, jasmine, and mint, with a mild balsamic dry out.

    Pisa: Sweet and subtle with top notes of Tuscan blood orange, Neroli blossoms, honeysuckle dew and velvet musk.

    • Creates a tranquil space right at home
    • Relaxes and rejuvenates

    Net Weight: (6 oz. / 170 g) x 3

    Please See Individual Item.
    Preferences: Vegan-Friendly
    Ingredients: MintRose