BORGHESE - Eclissare Color Eclipse Five Shades of Cool Eyeshadow Palette

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    Exceptionally pure pigments for an even distribution and extra smooth, fluid application


    Long lasting with or without primer.

    Light and luxurious formula with true, vibrant intensity

    Made in Italy from the finest, artisanal quality pigments

    5 Shades of Cool - Calm and collected. An assortment of shades in hues of blue in shimmer, matte , satin and metallic finish.

    Brisk- pale, soft blue-tint satin

    Shiver- bright powder-blue matte

    Chill- low-luster, cool neutral-blue

    Numb- deep, navy-black matte

    Blue Ice- cool, sparkling indigo shimmer

    Net Weight: 0.30 oz. / 8.5 g

    Use as direct.
    Product Type: Eyeshadow
    Collections: Eclissare