Body Be Silk - Tangerine Bath & Body Oil


    This japanese-inspired Bath & Body Oil resembles the scent of the Tangerine with undertones of grapefruits, mandarin orange, and clementine.

    Key Ingredients Citrus Peel * Jojoboa Oil

    Product Features:

    • Clean Beauty
    • Certified Ingredients
    • Natural Oils
    • Cruelty-free

    What are the skin benefits of citrus?

    In Japan there's a long tradition of taking a Yuzu bath. as a Citron steeped bath is called. By throwing fresh Yuzu in the warm bath water, and letting the fresh citrus juice mingle with the bath water. Softens the skin and adds moisture to the body from heed to toe.

    Net Weight: 10 oz.

    Olive Oil, Jojoboa Oil, Avocado Oil, Tangerine Oil, Orange Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Brined In Orange & Tangerine Peels.
    pour a capful or two under running,bath water. Indulge in the citrus brined oils and water. This can also be used after the bath or shower as a body oil or massage oil.