Bliss - Ingrown Eliminating Pads (50 Pads)

Bliss - Ingrown Eliminating Pads (50 Pads)


    To help keep stubble from causing trouble.

    ? Gently exfoliates with salicylic acid and glycolic acid

    ? Soothes with oat extract, witch hazel and lavender oil

    ? Great for men to prevent post-shaving "beard bumps"

    ? Doubles as an exfoliating treatment for rough upper arm bumps

    Net Weight: 50 Pads

    After showering, take a single saturated pad and rub over incoming stubble anywhere (even beards, for the guys out there). Use daily between waxing or shaving sessions for smoother, bump-free skin.

    • product title:
    • Ingrown Eliminating Pads (50 Pads)
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    • Hair Removal
    • concern:
    • Razor Burn & Ingrown Hair
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    • 4
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By Dorothy
Boston, MA
Cleared up ingrown hairs!
October 29, 2014
My boyfriend and I both use these pads, and he thinks using a moisturizer on your skin after shaving is just as effective, but I don’t think so. Maybe it’s the girl in me? For me they work best near my bikini line because the pads do help some ingrown hairs from occurring and they are soothing in a sensitive area. Haven’t really noticed any red bumps or burning sensations.