Bliss - Fatgirlslimulator

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Bliss - Fatgirlslimulator

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    Looking for a way to firm your skin that will make you scream from the results that it produces? Look no further because the Fatgirlslimulator from Bliss is a skin firming wonder tool that will wake up surface circulation to move fat-trapping fluids. Being able to stimulate surface circulation and excess fluids that are trapped in thick thighs are two of the main functions that this magical tool can achieve. This hard working SLIMulator preps the skin for subsequent product application while firming and contouring at the same time. Get going and improve your tone and texture by rubbing this on your skin twice a day for only 20-30 seconds!

    • Preps the skin for product application
    • Stimulates drainage of excess fluids trapped in thick thighs
    • Wakes up surface circulation
    Fatgirlslimulator's rubber nubs massage and wake up surface circulation, one of the most effective treatments for smoothing the surface of the skin. In the shower, simply glide it over thighs, buttocks, backs of arms and tummy in a press and twist motion. Repeat daily or twice a day for best results.
    Product Type: Cellulite Treatments
    Concerns: Cellulite
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