Bliss - Fatgirlslim

Bliss - Fatgirlslim


    A lean, mean skin firming cream!

    ? Energizes the skin

    ? Stimulates skin surface to firm and contour with caffeine

    ? Visibly reduces the appearance of excess fluid retention in skin layers

    This advanced-technology adipose antagonist (which, in layman's terms, means it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite) features QuSome-encapsulated caffeine molecules for quick and targeted delivery of the skin-firming stuff of choice for supermodels, spokespeople and other celebs. independent studies show:

    ? 87% of testers saw a firming effect

    ? 85% felt a slimming effect

    ? 73% noticed a reduction in the appearance of cellulite

    *Results reported from an independent study conducted over a 28-day period.

    Net Weight: 170.5 g/6 oz.

    Massage into trouble spots on the body twice a day for 20-30 seconds to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the tone and texture of skin.

    • product title:
    • Fatgirlslim
    • product-type:
    • Cellulite Treatments
    • concern:
    • Body Firming & Tightening
    • concern:
    • Cellulite
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    • fatgirl


4 Stars based on 1
By Brittany A.
Queens, NY
August 29, 2014
What I like most about Bliss- Fatgirlslim The Bliss-Fatgirlslim cream was awesome when I used it. It helped to remove the appearance of cellulite from my body that I have spent years trying to remove. This Bliss-Fatgirlslim is very helpful to use for anyone trying to improve the firmness of their skin. The Bliss-Fatgirlslim cream helped to remove the appearance of dimples from my leg and buttock areas. The cream helped to make my skin look firmer and smoother in certain areas. What I disliked most about Bliss-Fatgirlslim The price of the cream at $30.00 to $50.00 per bottle can be a little expensive. The cream can only do so much in making my skin look firmer and smoother.