being TRUE - Cache Paradise Collection

being TRUE - Cache Paradise Collection

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    Limited Edition

    Includes: 3 eye shadows, 1 eye definer, 2 blushes, and instructional guide and the press definer brush.


    Prime: To prolong shadow wear, press on a semi-sheer veil of protective shadow primer over the entire upper eye area using the shadow primer brush and set with base eye shadow.

    Define: lightly dampen the press definer brush and create a “cake-like” consistency with the eye liner shade. Hold brush parallel to the eye and rest the tip of the brush along the base of the lash line. Gently press along the lash line and apply from where lashes begin to where they end. Repeat and thicken outer corner eye liner to accentuate lash line. Keep bottom eye liner soft looking and more defined on top.

    Lashes: Prime, curl and coat lashes generously with True lash duet using TRUE black mascara. An mascara on the outer corners will create a wider more open eye.

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