Beautyblender - Limited Edition Holiday Brush Set & More

Beautyblender - Limited Edition Holiday Brush Set & More

No Longer Available


    ($200.00 Value)

    Celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva is continuing to help women master the art of creating "the flawless face" with the launch of the highly anticipated The Detailers by beautyblender® brush set.

    The Detailers Brushes are the hottest new item of the year. Simple and Uncomplicated and when combined with beautyblender®, completes your tools necessary for a beautiful flawless finish without extensive learning curves.

    Now you can easily complete the perfect application for eyes, lips, brows and attend details of the face with The Detailers. Combined with beautyblender®, The Detailers make a complete application system. As amazing as beautyblender® is ... we still need brushes!

    The Detailers are a set of 6 synthetic and cruelty free brushes specifically designed to reduce the learning curve of brushwork.

    Holiday Brush Set contains:

    • 1 original pink beautyblender®
    • 1 solid(™) blendercleanser®
    • 1 set of 6 The Detailers brushes
    • 1 totable wet to dry black mesh brush pouch
    • 1 beautybangle
    Please See Individual Item.