Beautyblender - bodyblender

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Beautyblender - bodyblender

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    Don't just make your complexion on the face flawless but take it a step further with Beautyblender's bodyblender making you flawless, all over. This sponge is made with the exclusive beautyblender® material and in a stain-resistant black. It is large in size that is enough to cover the curves of your body with three simple steps: wet, squeeze then bounce. The bodyblender is designed with a contour that will sit well in the palm of your hand making sure every stroke is controlled and you get even coverage. You are assured a super soft material that allows for streak-free blending of any product you use whether self-tanning lotion, bronzer or many more. You don't waste any product with this sponge and you are guaranteed a natural looking, sun-kissed glow.

    • A beautyblender that is big enough to cover the curves of your body.
    • Provides even coverage with absolute control of self-tanning lotions, bronzers and many more.
    • Made with the exclusive beautyblender® material with a stain-resistant black.
    • Every application allows for minimal use of products.
    • Easy to use in 3 simple steps: wet, squeeze and bounce.
    Beautyblender Material In Stain-Resistant Black

    bodyblender is crafted from the same exclusive beautyblender® material in stain-resistant black. It offers impeccable application with minimum product waste and is the answer to your sun-kissed glow looking anything but faux. Best of all, it keeps hands clean and is as easy to use as beautyblender: just wet.squeeze.bounce.

    Product Type: Body Makeup
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