Beautyblender - blotterazzi

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    Beautyblender's blotterazzi&trade has changed the game of blotting. This is a better alternative from your usual blotting paper with a washable and reusable option made from award-winning beautyblender® material in the iconic beautyblender® pink. It works with only three simple steps, just press, pause and lift. You get precise, cushion blotting as design is shaped to fit the contours of your face, the pointed side perfect for smaller areas and the rounded side for larger areas. The material of blotterazzi&trade will stay "thirsty" when dry and ready to absorb any excess oil and freshening make-up, not disturbing it. Every application will leave skin looking radiant as ever so you won't have to worry if you use it on-the-go, specially as two blotting cushions are inside tucked away in a great mirrored compact with a vented back, plus a clear hygienic separator.

    • A new and better way to blot, the beautyblender® way.
    • A great reusable alternative to the usual blotting paper using award-winning beautyblender® material.
    • A washable material that will fit in all contours of your face.
    • Effectively absorbs excess oil but does not disrupt make-up.
    • Contains two blotting cushions in a mirrored compact with a vented back, plus a clear hygienic separator to keep sponges fresh.
    Two Blotting Sponges, Made Of Beautyblender® Material

    Simply press the dry pointed side onto smaller areas of the face and the rounded side onto the larger areas of the face, absorbing oils and freshening makeup throughout the day. Wash with blendercleanser® and dry in a ventilated area.

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