Beautyblender - beauty.blusher

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Beautyblender - beauty.blusher

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    Just as the name suggests, this beauty.blusher from Beautyblender allows for flawless application of your blushes. This sponge was created because fans asked and the people from Beautyblender listened. This sponge applicator is the perfect size to match the apples of the cheeks whenever you need to put on creams and powder blushes. It was inspired by the original beautyblender, its big sister, made of the same exclusive beautyblender material that is latex-free and scent-free but in a medium size. It allows blush to be undetectable without any streaks, fingerprints and dirty fingers plus the grey color lets you distinguish color undertones, creating a believable blushing effect. Provide the right amount of blush effortlessly and in a seamless manner, every single time, with a simple wet, squeeze and bounce technique.

    • The perfect sponge applicator for the cheeks for your creams and powder blushes.
    • With a grey color that makes it easy to distinguish color undertones making the perfect blush effect.
    • Made with the same exclusive beautyblender material, latex-free and scent-free in a medium size.
    • It's size provides the right amount of blush application on the cheeks.
    • Matches the apples of the cheeks for effortless and seamless application.
    Exclusive Beautyblender® Material

    beautyblender® is easy to use: simply wet.squeeze.bounce. your way to makeup perfection! wet. beautyblender® with water. squeeze. out the excess liquid, using a towel if available. bounce.primer, foundation, powder, cream blush or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results.

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