Beau Brummell - The Gentlemen's Shaving Brush


    Beau Brummell's The Gentlemen's Shaving Brush is the best shaving tool you could ever have when it comes to your wet shave routine. The brush is made with 100% badger hair, a staple of the gentlemen's shaving brush. It helps provide a fine shave with its rugged yet soft bristles. It allows you to create a generous, thick lather that makes exfoliating stubborn beard hairs possible. The brush gives a great shaving experience making razors glide along your face as it takes hair in just one pass for a fresh and smooth feeling. This brush will go well into your routine and have you looking like a true gentleman in no time.

    • A shaving brush that has rugged but soft bristles.
    • Made with 100% badger hair, a staple in shaving brushes.
    • The bristles help create a generous lather which aids in exfoliate even the most stubborn beard hair.
    • Keeps shaving cream to a thick lather making it easy for your razor to glide easily to remove hairs for a fresh and smooth feeling.
    • Gives you a great wet shave routine because it is not only fun but offers more benefits than your hand could even offer.
    100% Badger Hair
    Wet the brush and swirl into shaving soap. Apply to face. Rinse brush with warm water after each use. Dry with bristles pointing downward.
    Product Type: Shaving Tools