Baxter of California - Best Badger Shave Brush


    MADE IN GERMANY - 100% Natural Badger brush made with "Best Badger" hair, soft and durable. The essential tool to achieve a great shave and a pre-shave tool that helps to lift facial hair, and create lather.

    Second to the razor blade, the Badger Hair Shave Brush is the essential tool used to achieve the best shave possible. Badger hair has a great ability to retain water (which helps create a lather when mixed with a shave cream) improving the barrier between the razor and skin, lifting facial hair to ensure a smoother shave with less irritation.


    1. Cleanse facial skin.

    2. Rinse the brush in warm water, shake off excess water, and apply Baxter Super Close Shave Formula to the top of the badger brush.

    3. Work the cream into your beard, using oblique brush strokes.

    4. For more lather, dip the tip of the brush in water and add more shave cream.

    Product Type: Shaving Tools
    Preferences: Natural