bareMinerals - Crease Defining Brush

bareMinerals - Crease Defining Brush

No Longer Available


    If you need a brush you can trust then this Crease Defining Brush by bareMinerals is definitely for you. This make-up brush makes detailing an easy and flawless job even if you aren't a professional. Its design is an angled brush head made from goat hair for ease of buffing make-up back and forth into those creases that are hard to fill while its handle is long for flawless swipes from all angles. This brush is your safest and best bet if definition and blending is your top priority. Get the job done flawlessly with no hassle and no delays with this defining brush by bareMinerals.

    • A brush that allows for perfect, flawless make-up detailing.
    • Has an angled brush head design made from goat hair.
    • Blends make-up back and forth easily into creases for definition or blending.
    • Easy to manipulate with the long handle that works in all angles.
    • Provides great coverage in creases.
    Goat Hair
    Product Type: Tools for Eyes