Baby Foot - Exfoliation Foot Peel For Men

Baby Foot - Exfoliation Foot Peel For Men

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    Men certainly deserve nice feet, too. Why shouldn't theirs look nice in flip flops and sandals, too? Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel For Men lets men prepare their feet for spring and summer and for just feeling confident walking around bare foot. The groundbreaking formula leaves their feet soft and looking great. The booties and formula works up to size 14. Baby Foot's advanced formula contains sixteen natural extracts that gently exfoliate and hydrate. Fruit acid is the key ingredient. It's extremely gentle, so it won't irritate or sting. It effectively removes dead skin cells that have built up over the years and reveals smooth, soft skin. Just like a baby's foot, no pun intended. And, it smells pleasantly minty not like a chemical. So show off your feet and feel confident.

    • Provides better results than professional pedicure salons.
    • Leaves your feet baby soft.
    • You'll want to show off your soft feet.

    Net Weight: Contains 1 pair of sock packs, each containing 35ml of Baby Foot gel and 6 pieces of tape.

    If you suffer from dry, cracked feet with callouses, then you want the best foot care treatment you can get. Baby foot restores your feet to the smooth, soft feet you once had in as little as two weeks all from the comfort of your own home.