BABOR - Ultra Soft Lip Colour 41 Cosy Mauve


No Longer Available


    If you are in need of a reliable, lasting and effective lip color then Babor's Ultra Soft Lip Color 41 Cozy Mauve is exactly what you're looking for. The lipstick is great for providing your lips with long-lasting color that will stay on for a long time with a brilliant shine. It has a pink shade with a mega pearl effect that is sure to keep heads turning your direction. You also get benefits from the nourishing butter it contains from the key ingredient Wild Mango. Get a brilliant, high shine color on the lips with this ultra soft lipstick from the moment you put it on in the morning, until your next retouch, no matter what time of the day.

    • A lipstick that is ultra soft with a brilliant shine.
    • A lip color that has a beautiful pearl effect in a pink shade.
    • Provides the lips with long-lasting high shine color.
    • Contains nourishing butter from the key ingredient Wild Mango.
    • Great to bring with you wherever you go.

    Net Weight: 3 g

    Use as directed.
    Product Type: Lipstick