BABOR - Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Cream

BABOR - Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Cream


    A skin cream for the reduction of skin impurities with an anti-wrinkle effect. This cream has a medium consistency and can be used as a 24-hour cream or as a night cream in combination with Purifying Anti-Aging Lotion.

    • Alpine stem cells: DNA protection, preventative protection against light-induced skin aging
    • OsmoTec: Catalyst, optimizes the processing of active ingredients in the cells.
    • African whitewood extract: Reduces sebum flow, combats skin impurities and reduces the size of pores
    • Magnolia extract: Improves the skin's elasticity, tightens the tissue, and reduces lines and wrinkles
    • Zinc salt: Anti-bacterial, astringent and mattifying effect
    • Rice starch: Mattifies
    • Squalane: Strengthens the skin's natural barrier
    • NMFs (lactic acid, amino acid, urea, pyrrolidone carbonic acid): Moisturizing effect
    • Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing effect, bind moisture
    • Polysaccharides: Provides moisture
    • Vitamin E: Protects against free radicals
    • Panthenol, Allantoin: Moisturizing, calming effect
    • Macadamia nut oil, grape seed oil: Soft, supple skin
    An even, spot-free complexion with a more youthful appearance

    Net Weight: 50 ml/1.75 oz.

    After cleansing, apply to the neck, face and décolleté.

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    • Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Cream
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    • Anti-Aging
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    • Moisturizers
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    • Acne Treatment
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    • Acne Prone
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By Abby R.
Newport, OR
I was using the Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Cream for a quite long time, and I was really satisfied with its effects.
January 8, 2016
While using this anti-aging cream, my skin was getting stronger, and I noticed that my wrinkles are vanishing. The cream cleaned the pores on my face. My skin is now not so dull, and it looks healthier than before.
ProsSkin looks younger and cleaner. It has a nice smell of the macadamia nut oil.
ConsIt took a bit longer time to see the results, but it was worth it! I would still recommend it.