BABOR - Red Carpet Ready Anti-Age Cleansing CP Set


No Longer Available


    There comes a time when youthfulness begins to fade and aging begins to set in. BABOR Red Carpet Ready Cleansing CP Set aids in slowing down the aging process. This set includes two of BABOR's signature products; Cleansing CP Hy-Ol and Phytoactive Reactivating. Cleansing CP Hy-Ol is a gentle hydrophilic oil that removes both oil and water-soluble impurities without leaving the skin dry or tight. Cleansing CP Phytoactive Reactivating provides deep moisturizing properties while also lessening the effects of light-induced aging. The two products leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed while providing an energy boost for tired, dehydrated complexions. Achieving a youthful glow is made simple by BABOR.

    • Leaves skin fresh and rosy.

    BABOR - Red Carpet Ready Anti-Age Cleansing CP Set includes:

    • Cleansing CP Hy-Ol 200 ml
    • Phytoactive Reactivating 100 ml

    Please See Individual Items.