BABOR - Metallic Eye Pencil 02 Green Anthracite

BABOR - Metallic Eye Pencil 02 Green Anthracite

No Longer Available


    Perfect your everyday look with Babor's Metallic Eye Pencil 02 Green Anthracite. This eye pencil will complete the made up look of your eyes with its metallic green anthracite color that sets it apart from the rest. This go-to accessory will easily fit your lifestyle of chic and class. The eye pencil glides smoothly on your eye contour area to create precise contouring but also works as a stick eye shadow that blends well. Create your desired look with this durable yet flexible eye pencil that will provide you with long lasting effects. You can't go wrong with this reliable accessory that fits the seasonal color trend profile.

    • An eye pencil that slides easily on your eye contour area.
    • Provides you with a metallic green anthracite color shade.
    • Works as a stick eye shadow, too.
    • A durable, go-to eye accessory for an all-around look.
    • Easy to use as it glides smoothly and blends well for a lasting effect.
    Apply as a contour along the lash line. If a smooth transition is desired, blind immediately after application. As a complete eye shadow to the desired area and blend.