BABOR - HSR Lifting Extra Firming Serum

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BABOR - HSR Lifting Extra Firming Serum

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    HSR Lifting Extra Firming Serum from Babor may be the best formula you ever decide to introduce your skin to when the appearance of wrinkles has taken over. This anti-wrinkle formula contains silicon, microstim, Pro-Tight and the HSR Lifting Integral Complex, which have the ability to improve the skin's surface structure while strengthening the skin. The firming effects are revitalizing and immediately visible, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Wrinkles and expression lines are treated and the structure of the capillary walls are improved. You will achieve a newfound sense of vitality and radiance after using this brilliant serum.

    • Reduces the depths of wrinkles
    • Skin appears revitalized and fresher
    • Improves structure of connective tissue
    • Strengthens skin

    Net Weight: 30 ml / 1 oz.

  • HSR Lifting Integral Complex: Visibly Reduces The Depth Of Wrinkles.
  • Microstim: Improves The Structure Of Capillary Walls And Thereby The Skins Nutrient And Oxygen Uptake From The Inside. Skin Appears Fresher And Revitalized.
  • Pro-Tight: Improves The Surface Structure Of The Skin.
  • Silicon: Improves The Structure Of Connective Tissue, Strengthens The Skin.