BABOR - Fluids FP Easter Egg 2016

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BABOR - Fluids FP Easter Egg 2016

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    Intensive Ampoule Treatment. Treat your skin to a special skincare highlight. This 14-day intensive treatment supplies valuable active ingredients to strengthen, protect and lift your skin.

    Contents: 14 Ampoules of net 1/16fl. oz. each

    • 14-day intensive treatment
    • give your skin precious active ingredients that strengthen and protect it and have a lifting effect
    • With the Fluids: Hydra Plus active Fluid, , Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid, Collagen Booster Fluid, 3D Lifting Fluid, Triple Booster Fluid , Lift Express Fluid, SeaCreation SERUM

    Course of intensive ampoule treatments:

    • 2 x Hydra Plus Active Fluid – saturates the skin with valuable moisturizing factors.
    • 2 x Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid – delivers encapsulated oxygen to skin cells in order to activate cell respiration
    • 2 x Collagen Booster Fluid – intensively stimulates the skin’s own collagen production.
    • 2 x Triple Booster Fluid – reorganizes the skin functions that are responsible for a youthful appearance in three ways
    • 3 x 3D Lifting Fluid – makes fine lines and wrinkles disappear, tautens the tissue and firms contours.
    • 2 x Lift Express Fluid – visibly reduces the depth of lines and minimizes sagging.
    • 1 x SeaCreation SERUM – restructures the skin with luxurious, active anti-aging ingredients.