BABOR - Baborganic Biological Enzyme Cleanser

BABOR - Baborganic Biological Enzyme Cleanser


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    Baborganic is a new green glamour cosmetics. In a world faced with growing environmental burdens and air pollution. Our skin longs for genuinely natural skin care that will protect it against environmental stress while working to restore its ideal balance.

    Introducing a holistic skincare line consisting of eight face products and six body products created completely free of dyes and scents, animal proteins, parabens, petroleum-based products, irradiated ingredients and genetically modified raw materials – Baborganic is 100% organic.

    The products works to accelerate skin regeneration and cell renewal while supplying moisture, vitality and protection. Contains white, natural active ingredients from the untouched world of the Alps:

    Glacier Water – from Mont Cervin in Switzerland works to revitalize the skin
    Edelweiss - grown organically in Valais, Switzerland protects against free radicals.
    Meadow Foam Seed Oil – repairs and thoroughly moisturizes the skin.
    The innovative oxygen complex OXYGEN ENERGY repairs the skin’s lipid film and promotes cell renewal in the skin.

    BABOR Baborganic Biological Enzyme Cleanser is a facial cleanser and enzyme peeling in one. Thoroughly cleanses the skin, giving it a refined and even appearance.

    Net Weight: 75 ml

    Enzymes, Vitamin C.

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    • Baborganic Biological Enzyme Cleanser
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    • Moisturizers
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    • Organic
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    • Parabens-Free


By Celia
Detroit, MI
Good Product
August 15, 2014
I always make sure to have some enzyme cleanser in my bathroom, and lately I can’t get enough of the Baborganic. It works to clean my pores after a long hard day and it’s a nice treat to look forward to at the end of the day. It’s completely natural, all organic and, best of all, it works. It’s suitable for all skin types and leaves me feeling fresh, clean and beautiful, even if it can take a while to really see the benefits. The only con I would say Is the price, as I’ve seen similar products for a bit cheaper.