Archipelago Botanicals - Pomegranate Eau de Toilette

Archipelago Botanicals - Pomegranate Eau de Toilette

No Longer Available


    Are you looking for a product that will give your skin a refreshing light scent rather than an overpowering scent that most perfumes and colognes give off? With Pomegranate Eau de Toilette from Archipelago Botanicals you will experience a fresh and pure fragrance. As well as offering you a sensual blend of pomegranate, and freesia and lemon this pure and simple gift from nature is a natural body spray that showers the skin as it clarifies and calms the spirits. Give your body a lovely and clean scent that only the makers from Archipelago Botanicals can give you. Don't hesitate to try this product, give it a chance today, you won't regret it!

    • Fresh and pure
    • Sensual blend of pomegranate, freesia and lemon

    Net Weight: 1.64 oz. / 48.5 ml

    Alcohol Denat, Fragrance, Water.
    Product Type: Perfumes
    Preferences: Natural
    Collections: Pomegranate