AO3 Beauty - Plant Based Omega 3 Rejuvenating Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask System


    AO3’s first-of-its-kind 2 Step Hydrating facial mask system is made with specific goal in mind – to revitalize stressed skin with 100% plant-based Omega-3 oil and Bio-Cellulose Hydrating Mask Sheet that maximizes hydration and moisture to your skin. In addition, AO3 provides an extra bonus Face Serum that provides nutrients for long lasting benefits of Omega-3 oil listed below.


    Bio-Cellulose sheet is a high-molecule, naturally derived sheet that was developed by fermenting Coconut water through a high level and mass-cultivating technology. Coconut water contains vitamins, like vitamin B2, B3, and C, as well as other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

    Bio-cellulose sheet is known to have an effect of defending against the external contaminated substances. And in return, it creates a barrier that helps to block any evaporation. Thus, making it a perfect agent in delivering moisture to your skin. By keeping and maximizing moisture allows your skin to always look smooth, silky and young.This multi-layer gel-like material adheres to the skin tightly for optimal coverage for deeper ingredient penetration. Ultimately, this Bio-Cellulose Mask Sheet is proven to be the top premium sheet in the market.


    • Anti-aging: Increases hydration to the skin and enhances softer, smoother texture for younger-looking skin.
    • Anti-Inflammatory: Improves skin barrier function, sealing in moisture and keeping out irritants.
    • Anti-wrinkle: Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles by firming and tightening the skin.


    • Rejuvenates skin with significant visible improvements with daily glow.
    • Repairs the skin and enhances firmness.
    • Restores skin’s natural moisture through deep, long-lasting hydration.

    Net Weight:

    5 mask system/box

    • Start with a dry, cleansed face.
    • Gently massage Omega-3 oil onto the face.
    • Remove and discard protective mesh layer (A)
    • Apply gel mask (B) on your face
    • Once on face, Peel off the protective mesh layer (C)
    • Leave mask on for 15 - 20 minutes for best results
    • Remove mask and massage any remaining essence into your neck, chest, hands and any other areas
    • Apply once or twice a week or as needed


    Facial Oil: Paeonia Suffruticosa Seed Oil - 99.7%, Fragrance (Parfum EWG green grade 1) - 0.2%, Tocopheryl Acetate - 0.1%

    Bio-Cellulose Mask: Water (Aqua) - 80.34%, Butylene Glycol - 8.17%, Glycerin - 5.01%, Propanediol - 3%, 1,2-Hexanediol - 1.05%, Olive Oil PEG-8 (EWG Yellow Grade 3) Esters - 0.48%, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water - 0.46%, Rosa Centifolia Flower Water - 0.46%, Hydroxyacetophenone - 0.2%, Arginine - 0.16%, Carbomer - 0.16%, Xanthan Gum - 0.12%, Allantoin - 0.1%, Panthenol - 0.1% , Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate - 0.05%, Polysorbate 20 - 0.05%, Ethylhexylglycerin - 0.05%, Beta-Glucan - 0.01%, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract - 0.01%, Sodium Hyaluronate - 0.01%, Fragrance (Parfum EWG green grade 1) - 0.01%, Hippophae Rhamnoides Extract - 0.005%, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - 0.005%, Tocopherol - <0.001%