Ama Sea Beauty - Ama Thalasso Trio


    Buy our top 3 Ama Sea Beauty products to maintain healthy vibrant skin. Daily Thalassotherapy treatments made easy.

    Set Includes:

    • SeaMist Marine Mineral Toner
    • VitaSea Thalassotherapy Treatment
    • SeaScrub Marine Exfoliator

    SeaMist: seawater/seaweed hydrator activates skin’s moisture level for an anti-aging effect. Mineral-rich SeaMist instantly nourishes, firms, and smooths skin while forming a non-sticky barrier.

    VitaSea: offers botox like performance that returns skin elasticity and firmness. VitaSea is your daily skin "smoothie", leaving visible ultra-effective tightening and toning effects. VitaSea delivers illumination and you will SEA pumper, more radiant and smoother skin. Natural and subtly scented to deliver you to the luxurious SEA

    SeaScrub: Refreshing, exfoliating, hydrating... SeaScrub does it all! An extraordinary blend of fine ground sea salt, micro grind sun dried seaweed, California kelp extract and Butterfly Pea flowers. Formulated to stimulate circulation, exfoliate dead cells, detoxify and invigorate.