Ama Sea Beauty - Ama Merge-n-SEA Kit


    If you have chronic dermal concerns - this set is for you. Address chronic concerns and skin issues when you pair our deepest concentrates as a daily Thalassotherapy skin ritual.

    Kit Includes:

    • SeaMist Marine Mineral Toner
    • DeepSea Serum
    • SeaGlo Micro Algae Oil
    • SeaGrains Powder Marine Cleanser
    • SeaTea Bath Bags

    SeaMist seawater/seaweed hydrator activates skin’s moisture level for an anti-aging effect. Mineral-rich SeaMist instantly nourishes, firms, and smooths skin while forming a non-sticky barrier.

    DeepSea is rich concentration of marine nutrient and minerals essential for healthy skin. Use DeepSea as your daily "greens" to treat areas of greatest concern (eyes, neck, forehead, hands, breasts). Use as a nightly mask and wake up to clearer, healthier more vibrant skin.

    SeaGlo is a soothing marine botanical oil that delivers ultra hydration and an instant glow to tired, sensitive dry skin. Lock in moisture, visibly reduce signs of aging. Leave skin plumper, youthful, calm, hydrated and luminous.

    SeaGrains is a premium water activated multigrain marine enzyme cleansing powder foam cleanser for face/body. Natural organic exfoliator boosts collagen production, brightens and calms sensitive skin.

    SeaTea is a compact and "clean" way to include seaweed into home bathing rituals. SeaTea contains a marine botanical blend of California red/brown seaweeds from the wild Pacific ocean. Treat skin imperfections, stimulate blood flow, improve cellular function, reduce the appearance of cellulite, detox the body, reduce muscle pain, improve thyroid health and alleviate the symptoms of chronic dermal concerns. Rich in iodine, essential for thyroid health and healthy metabolism.