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Sun Damage and Sun Screens

Q: hi DR. how r u? I have a dark spot on my face caused by sun it's been so long and i already try a lot of medicine to rid of my dark spot..but still not fade...what is the right medicine or cream i should use to rid of it???thank you so much hope to hear u soon DR..godbless!!!

Esthetician: You can use any cream or cleanser that is used for hyperpigmentation. Some examples of the right type of product would be Dermalogica's Chroma white line or Revaleskin which is a new product we carry that uses coffeberry, a newly discovered antioxidant. You can also browse other products on the website by going to the Age Spots & Brown Spots section under Conditions and Concerns.

Q: H=with each application, how long do these self-tanners last?

Esthetician: It depends on how much you put on but they are made to last for long periods of time untill you wash them off.

Q: I generally excercise between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Should I be using sunscreen?

Esthetician: Yes, you should always wear sunscreen no matter what time it is or even what the weather is like, the sun's harmful rays are always out.

Q: Dear Dr Berger,
My is Laura I live in California I have a problem on my face I wonder you can help me or give me some good idea. I have a brown spots like a sun bur on my face I had been use a lot of product, but is not work for me I hope you can help me with my problem. I am look forward to hear a good new from you.

Esthetician: If it is sun damage then you should try after sun care from dermalogica. If it is only dark spots then you should try PCA Skin's Pigment Gel.

Q: Hi Dr.Berger iam trying to find out which line would be the best for my skin at age of 47!I have used jane irredale but i found out that it did not give me the best coverage for out this way and found it very drying to the skin!I know it has to do with more than the top layer it goes to more under the dermis that could cause of my dryness!and too under the eyes it looks cakey and not young looking!I sometimes do break out with my hormones too in which i find too when a woman has her periods!i do have a little pigmentation to showing up from years of laying in the sun!I want to look fresh and healthy and young looking!I dont know if what i said has helped in the asking part!Could you please tell me which one or is there one better than these two available!marsha

Esthetician: You should try G.M. Collin's Anti-aging duo, it helps with both aging and dry skin.

Q: Hi,
I'm a 48 year old peri-menapausal female with sagging, thinning, dry & sensitive skin from many years of abusing my skin in the sun and from smoking.
I've lost a lot of facial volume and I'm looking for products that can thicken my skin, as I can no longer afford filler injections. Are there any peptides or other ingredients that can increase facial volume? I understand the results won't be as drastic as the filler injections, but the skin on my forehead is so thin that the veins and bones are visible. Even if I could afford the injections, I was told that the forehead cannot be injected with filler materials.

Esthetician: There are no products that will actually make you skin thicker but from what you say about your skin being so sun damaged and abused by all the fillers and injections, I think you should try Neocutis. They use PSP or Processed Skin Proteins which rejuvenate the skin and over time you will achive results that you can be happy with.

Q: i started using some philosophy vit.c products to even out my facial skin(i'm 50) but it has made the sun/age spots more evident.is this just a phase that will pass or does it mean vit c is not the correct product for me? suggestions for skin faders/eveners?

Esthetician: The product that would be best for you would be Dermalogica's ChromaWhite line.

Q: I had limelight done to my face. It was the second procedure and some of the dark spots that came to the surface fell off very soon. When they did, it left a "pink" tint to my skin. I applied sunscreen everyday, but now my skin looks worse. I guess the sun got to them and now I have a huge dark patch on my forehead and chin. Should I get a chemical peel and two more limelight procedures done?

Dr. Berger: Dear Christa,
I hope you applied at least SPF45 sunscreen and wore a floppy hat! Those procedures are terrific, but they do sensitize you a lot.
Wait until winter to return to your laser doc… I HOPE you went to a doctor and not some laser-mill.
He will be able to recommend the proper course… but don’t stop using sunscreen, 365 days a year for everyone. The Ozone Layer that once protected us is just a memory.

Q: Dear Dr Berger,
Could you recommend a skin care regime for me? I am 60 years old with a lot of brown spots and discoloration, but do not want to do laser or anything else that would be invasive. Thank you, Carol Weisbrot

Dr. Berger: Well, Carol, I’d love to have a magic potion to clear discoloration. Have you tried Hydroquinones? They are sometimes effective.
At 60, do you get monthly facials… use great skincare products, LOADS of SPF 45 sunscreen daily and moisturize twice a day?
This is a difficult problem and, frankly, non-invasive laser treatments such as the IPL or LimeLight are the best solution. They’re not actually lasers… they’re Intense Pulsed light of broad spectrum, and effectively and SELECTIVELY destroy pigmentation.
Just be certain a physician is handling the machine and you’ll be fine.

Q: What can I use for the black spot on my face after being in the sun. Just 30 min. in the sun, but using sunblock still does not help me at all. I used all different type of products nothing seem to work for me. Please help.

Dr. Berger: Dear Joy,
have you tried ProCytes SPF60? It’s great. Get a floppy hat, too. As I repeat til I’m hoarse: "The Ozone Layer is GONE! Protect yourself!" I feel sort of like Chicken Little. LOL Anyway, I digress.
The spots should be IPL treated (Photo Facials) and don’t do that til winter.

Q: I want to get the Sunforgettable product but I have acne prone skin. Will this be make me break out?

Dr. Berger: There's nothing in Sunforgetable that should make you break out… but while SPF 30 is OK for your body, SPF 30 is NOT sufficient for summer sun on your face.
There are a million great 45 or 60 SPF products which will keep your skin younger looking and better protected. Try B. Kamins Chemist - Sunbar UVshield SPF 48. Oil-free and dermatologist tested.

Q: Dear Dr Berger,
I'm 31 yrs old and I have a few brown spots on my cheeks. I believe that the sun caused them. I'm wondering what kind of treatment would be suitable for me and, if it's a laser, how soon will I see the result?
How many treatments? I live in NJ and I can travel to your office in NY City. However, I'd like to get some ideas please.

Dr. Berger: Dear Alison,
for severe sun damage IPL Laser treatment with Levulin are the answer. Milder sun damage responds well to a series of IPLs, alone. I'd be delighted to evaluate you, check the damage level with a VISIA facial analysis and even recommend the right skin products to avoid future problems.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
Is there any way that laser can reduce the appearance of the scars (color-wise)?

Dr. Berger: Dear Jenna,
Genesis™ laser treatments about every 2 weeks over the scar area will reduce the color, in my experience. I use this treatment frequently for red, irritated "facelift scars" in front of the ears. A series of about 10 treatments usually work well.

Q: What does this involve and what are the costs? I have facial lines and skin sagging but think it is too early to do a face lift but have looked into the mini face lift. What are your thoughts on this? I am 43 years old and have indulged in the sun too much in my life. Thank you.

Dr. Berger: Ahhh, Shannon… too much sun.
That’s the mantra of an entire generation of us who were brainwashed to think being tan is cool.
It’s as sad as thinking smoking is cool.
First of all, STOP sunning or whatever we do for you will just return.
Get a good Neova 45 sunscreen and use it EVERY day.
I recommend a combination approach to your problem.
1) 2 Titan Treatments to stimulate collagen and,
2) 2 Pearl treatments to further tighten and also resurface your face. This will remove a substantial amount of existing damage and give your skin a fighting chance. Cost of all four procedures, as a package, should range from $5,000.
A face lift will start at $20,000 by the right surgeon, and you’re not ready for that procedure, anyway.

Q: Are Keliods affected by tanning beds?

Dr. Berger: Simply put, tanning beds suck. I don't believe I just wrote that, but I refuse to change it! You still get harmful UV rays no matter what the scoundrels who run the place say, and yes, they can affect your keloids, cause skin cancer and more. Get a nice, effective self tanner (like Clarins) and call it a day.

Q: I have white and brown spots on arms where I have lot of sun damage. I would like a product that would decrease them so I can wear short sleeves. Any ideas?

Dr. Berger: Find a good laser dermatologist in your area. There are several possible solutions depending on your natural skin tone and the darkness and extent of the damage. It's impossible to diagnose by e-mail.

Q: I am 44 and have lines above my upper lip from sun damage. What can I do to soften or eliminate them?

Dr. Berger: Dear Patty, Ahhh, another former (I HOPE, former) sun-worshipper. I'd eliminate "smokers lip" (or sun damage lip, in your case) by resurfacing with the new Pearl laser from Cutera. Virtually no real down time, and great results in most cases.

Q: I had Grenz Ray on my scalp over 10 years ago for a itchy scalp and have since had over 20 basal cell carcinomas on my scalp and I am still getting them. I also have had a lot of sun exposure.
Is their anything I can do to stop getting them or am I doomed?

Dr. Berger: Dear Shirley,
Grenz rays are a form of black light produced at low voltages, giving them a very low penetration power. They do not penetrate beneath the skin.
Due to its very limited level of penetration, Grenz rays are classified as ultrasoft radiation. They do not carry the risks of other forms of radiation.
Your basal cell problem is most probably due to excessive sun exposure and not the Grenz Treatments.
I have basal cell carcinoma, myself, from working as a lifeguard in my pre-sunscreen youth. Every year I have a full body check up and every year they find new lesions. I guess we're both, as you put it, "doomed". Buy hats!

Q: I am 43, and was in the sun a lot as a teen.  I have brown spots all over my face I want to get rid of.

Dr. Berger: Dear Rhonda,
The treatment of choice is 4 sessions of IPL pulsed light or, in advanced cases (like you seem to describe) PDT with Levulin™. That will certainly do the trick.

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