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Q: I have combination & mature skin (62). Would the night cream be good for me? Thanks

Esthetician: Yes, night cream will be fine as long as you choose one that is for combonation skin. If you use a night cream that is made for oily or dry skin it will either dry your skin or make you break out.

Q: why i cant find anytthing to erase all the dark spots on my face i feel terrible and old than i am..i dont know what to do...help me plz

Esthetician: Our newest product is Revaleskin which helps a lot with dark spots by using coffe berry, a newly discovered antioxidant. This is a very good product to use for dark spots and age spots. You can also go to the age spots and dark spots section of our website under conditions and concerns.

Q: hi DR. how r u? I have a dark spot on my face caused by sun it's been so long and i already try a lot of medicine to rid of my dark spot..but still not fade...what is the right medicine or cream i should use to rid of it???thank you so much hope to hear u soon DR..godbless!!!

Esthetician: You can use any cream or cleanser that is used for hyperpigmentation. Some examples of the right type of product would be Dermalogica's Chroma white line or Revaleskin which is a new product we carry that uses coffeberry, a newly discovered antioxidant. You can also browse other products on the website by going to the Age Spots & Brown Spots section under Conditions and Concerns.

Q: respected sir, i want to whiten my skin i have a wheatish complexion my dermatologist suggessted sensiderm lotion to be used every night for two months.will i have desired results?will i get whiter skin?plz tell me..

Esthetician: I believe that the product you refering to is GM Collin. GM Collin Sensiderm collection is not design for whitening or lightening the skin. It's actually design to Sooth, restores and hydrates sensitive skin while protecting it from environmental assaults.

Q: What are the best products to use... 47 years old with aging and sagging skin... read that I needed retinol, peptides, vitamin A,C&E in creams to be considered the best... Hoping to buy something at the local pharmacy... what would you recommend? Thanks, in advaince...

Esthetician: There're several products in the market that help treating sagging skin. However, that also depends on where to be treated. The products are usually designed according to the area of application. In the mean time, you can look at the products under condition and concerns category on our website. You can look at the anti-aging products that may contain retinol, peptides, vitamin A,C&E etc or ingredients that you need specifically on the product label. Please note that it's highly recommend that you consult skin care professional for the products/active ingredients that are best for you.

Q: what would u recommed i use for the above subject. i dont have ance all the time, just certain times of year.i also get it on the upper part of my tighs and but.

Esthetician: Try using a simple cleansing facial wash. You don’t want to treat you skin like you have severe acne just to clear up one spot because it will only cause your skin to get dry and sensitive. For the dark spots try using June Jacobs Radiant Refining Exfoliating Powder, or any other light exfoliant twice a week. if you feel that two times a week is too much for your skin then only use it once a week. If the exfoliant doesn't help lighten the dark spots then i would suggest using a product specificly for dark spots. However, for now I think and hope this will work for you.

Q: Hi,
I have the initial growth of Melasma spots on my cheeks. Right now I have three brown spots on the right cheek below eye. What product do you suggest in this regard.

Esthetician: I suggest Dermalogica's Chroma White line. I would also suggest using a sun block or 30spf everyday, even in the winter and when its raining out. Remember, even though you cant see it, the sun is always there.

Q: I have these wart looking things that pop up on my face & body. You can scrape them off most of the time,but I would like them all off. What to do??

Esthetician: What I would do in your case is consulting with physician to find out the actual reason of these symtoms before trying on some products. It seems to me that you are having some kind of skin disease.

Q: i have a lot of birth marks and i want to remove them. what is the best type of product to use and one that i only have to use for a short period of time and they will stay away for good?

Esthetician: All products require long time use if you want to fix a serious problem. With birthmarks especially, they will be harder to get rid of since they werent caused by sun damage or anything else. You can try using any of our sking brightening or lightening products such as PCA Skin Pigment Gel, Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel, or any of our other products in the age spots and dark spots section under conditions and concers.

Q: Hello Dr,
I'm a black lady with severe bumps from ingrown hair under my chin. I have gone from waxing to shaving to tweezing and it seems to be getting worse leaving dark spots and vvery big bumps. Please I would like your advise on what product to use to help with this problem, it is really very embarrassing.

Esthetician: Lycon Spa Ingrown-X-it Solution would be the best product for you. When this problem is fixed I suggest exfoliating lightly 2 times a week and try using Dermalogica's Chroma White line.

Q: hello,
i am useing proavtive and its working my acne is almost gone but acne creats some little holes & black spots on my check.so can u tell me anything about that please?

Esthetician: This maybe acne scars. I would suggest stopping proactive and using NeoStrata Skin Lightening Protocol system. I'm not very fond of proactive and it may be causing the little hole on your face. However if it is working for you without drying your skin then i would suggest adding PCA Skin Pigment gel to your skin care regimon.

Q: I am in my late 30's. I have a combination skin. Also very sensitive skin.I have blackheads spots pimples uneven skin texture on my face.weather is hot humid always in Mumbai.please advice which product will suit me.would like to try one before buying 2-3 products. Thanking you vaishali Jaising

Esthetician: With your skin being exposed to such hot climates in India, I would suggest Revaleskin. It is a new product that we carry and it contains coffe berry, a new form of antioxidant, which is ideal for skin that is exposed to a lot of sun. I think you will get the results you want with this product.

Q: what is the best product i a\can used during the day without itturning white?

Esthetician: One of my favorite products from dermalogica is the AGE Smart MultiVitamin Power Firm for Eye and Lip Area. It will help to tighten the skin over time and you will feel what a great product this is from the first time you use it. Apply it to the under eye area and any other areas of concern after cleansing the face and before applying moisturizer.

Q: Hello Doctor,
My name is Amy and I am 35 years old. As a teenager I never really suffered with acne breakouts, sure I would get a pimple here and there but it was never an issue. Now it seems that after having children, something has changed and I can't understand why I am suffering with horrible acne at this stage of my life. Not only am I concerned with the acne, but also with the fine lines that have started to appear. Are there any products out there that address both my needs?

Esthetician: To try and fix both of these problems at once I would suggest Dermalogica's Age Smart line. Take a look at the products in that line on our website.

Q: hi!doctor.i'm a teenager and i'm 15 years old.
i have small dark spots on my cheek and nose.
i want to know how to cure and what skin care product will be need?

Esthetician: We have many products for dark spots but being that you are so young you should show the dark spots to your doctor so he can tell you excatly what it is before you try to fix it with any creams or tratments.

Q: I am having problems finding a skin care routine that works for my skin. I have mainly dry skin with some oilness, but not much. But I have blemishes that are usually very deep in the skin (un-pop-able). I find that most acne treatments leave me WAY too dry and Salicylic acid creates lots of tiny bumps all over my face. Can you suggest anything? Also I never had problems with my skin until my mid 20's, I am now 28.
Thanks so much!

Esthetician: I would suggest Dermalogica's Dry/Normal Skin Kit.

Q: I have color spots come and go. It ism bad on my face. I have tried bleaching creams from the Doctor I see but it has not worked very well. Can you recommend a treatment?

Esthetician: You should try Murad's Skin Lightening gel. You should also take a look at all the products we have for dark spots on out website.

Q: Good morning,
I have some questions about BareEscentuals mineral powder. I have quite oily skin in Tzone in the middle of the day. I have tried only cream powder, which maybe causes some acne for me. Do you recommend this product for my skin?:)

Esthetician: We do not carry that product but we have many other Mineral Powders from other brands that will be fine for your skin.

Q: My husband has a problem with itching in his groin area and was informed it was yeast. driving me crazy. Please help!

Esthetician: We have many anti-itch products and you can find them all by looking under the conditions and concerns section of our website, however, I cant guarantee they will work for itching due to yeast.

Q: I have bad stretch marks on my breast cause of weight gain, what cream can i use to get rid of them

Esthetician: Only sugery can completely get rid of them but there are many products you can use to lighten them and reduce their apperance. Check out our mama mio brand on our website for such products.

Q: Which do you feel is a better product - Obagi or PCA Skin?
I have very sensitive & combination oily (T-zone) & normal elsewhere.
Thanks so very much!

Esthetician: I think PCA skin would be better for you just make sure you use the right product for your skin.

Q: I am wondering what priori products i should use. I am 37, fair skin with freckles. I always wear a suncream. I have fine lines and some pigmentation

Esthetician: Priori has a line called CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals and coffee berry is a new form of antioxidant that will help with fine lines and pigmentation.

Q: H=with each application, how long do these self-tanners last?

Esthetician: It depends on how much you put on but they are made to last for long periods of time untill you wash them off.

Q: Hello Sir..
I'm 21 yrs old, and i have a dry skin and still suffer from some acne.. So what is the best Dead Sea product for me to improve my skin.
Thank you

Esthetician: Ahava Dermud line would be the best dead sea product for you to use.

Q: Hi doctor,
I have discolored skin problems. I am not dark skin or white am in between, however, I have dark spots that really bothers me a lot!! spots such as elbows and knees.
what can I do to brighten it up?
Thank you so much

Esthetician: There are many different skin brightening products you can use on our website. PCA Sking, for example, have products such as the pigment gel and the brightening therapy with true tone.

Q: I Have vitaligo will derma blend cover the spots . I have it on my face and neck

Esthetician: Yes Dermablend will cover your spots.

Q: What is a good makeup that can cover stretch marks on the hips? I have tried a few and they dont work.

Esthetician: Dermablend is great makeup line that is know for its ability to cover tattoos, birthmarks, and many other discoloration in the skin. This product will absolutley cover your stretchmarks.

Q: I have tried every facial cleanser, lotion, makeup, etc under the sun but my skin continues to produces EXCESSIVE amounts of oil. Not just the T-zone - the all over zone. More so my nose than anything else. I RARELY wear makeup. I am of italian descent so I'm sure that has a little to do with it. I haven't been able to find anything over the counter; Clinique, Clean & Clear, Aveeno...any suggestions? Guidance would be more than appreciated. Thanks.

Esthetician: You should get The oily skin kit from dermalogica. It comes with travel sized bottles of a cleanser, toner, cream, and mask all for oily skin.

Q: Would appreciate your guidance as to which skin care products you recommend, moisture: day and night,
serums, sun screen. I am 70 years old and take very good care of my self.

Esthetician: I think you would really like Dermalogica's Age Smart line. We sell all the age smart products full sized or you can get a kit with smaller travel sizes of the age smart cleanser, toner, cream, and serum.

Q: How can I get rid of melia on my cheeks?

Esthetician: All you need to do is lightly exfoliate twice a week. The best exfoliant for tou would be demalogica's daily microfoliant. It comes as a powder and you mix it with water untill it gets foamy, then apply, let it sit, wet your hands and lightly rub into skin, and then rinse. Doing this twice a week should help with your milia.

Q: hello can you offer any good products to effectively get rid of the red bumpsleft over after ingrown hairs have left the red bumps? I have used herbs lotion but it works but takes awhile. I am using tend skin also

Esthetician: The bumps should go away on their own after a while. We do, however, have many razor bump products that may work to help the rednedd and swelling go down. We also have ingrown hair serums that may help. I would first try Phytomer's Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion. Apply it to the bumps using a cotten swab.

Q: I have use to best products and also used microdermabrasion and several facails over the years

Esthetician: For fine lines you should try the brand Exuviance.

Q: I just wondering what kind of products of Cellex-C will reduce the visible neck wrinkle fade? I have three visible circle wrinkles on my neck, that's crazy on me... Thanks a lot!

Esthetician: Cellex-C High-Potency Serum is the best product for you to use.

Q: Hello, Dr. Berger!
I have a combination skin, I was suffering in my teen years with spots. Now I'm 26 and yes, in some periods I have spots, but only a couple or so. But I noticed that with time I get a kind of pegmentation after the spots are gone. And if some years ago this pegmentation could easily and faster dissapear from my face, nowadays I see that it can not go away that easily from my face. That makes my face different colored a bit, I don't use foundation or consillers to cover this discoloration as I don't like using those make-up products. So, as far as I know, the only one way to make my face skin be the same colored in it's every part is -- using AHA peelings. Could you tell me, please, is this really the only one way? Or as I heard it's also possible to use vitamin A (an oil) for pigmentated skin. Is this true? I need your professional advice about what I could use as my home skin care to get rid from pigmented parts after spots.
Thanks, kind regards, Yuliya

Esthetician: Well in not sure what you mean by "spots" but you can use PCA pigment gell to get rid of discoloration or if these spots are raised and the pigmentation its leaves after is scaring you can use scarguard.

Q: I have very sensative skin and a lot of redness. what face proucts do you recomend with no scent?

Esthetician: The most calming product line I can think of is Dermalogica's Ultracalming line.

Q: i have creapey skin on my neck how can i solve that can i reverse that if so how

Esthetician: You should try Sothys Neck Shaping Care.

Q: Hello,
I am 22 and am starting to see fine lines under my eyes. I have mild milia that I can't seem to get rid of and my undereye area looks dry, even though it isn't. I have fair skin and my undereye circles are quite dark. My eyes aren't puffy, just dark. I have tried a few different eye creams but haven't found one that I really like.
Do you have any suggestions for a good eye cream or general eye care?
Thank you,

Esthetician: Dermalogica has mnay under eye care products such as their age reversal eye complex, their intensive eye repair, and their MultiVitamin Power Firm.

Q: My face is very red, dry, peeling it looks like a lizard sheading skin. This from one use of RoC multi complex night cream. I used less than a pea size on my face. Help, what to do to stop

Esthetician: I would suggest Dermalogica's Ultra Calming Line.

Q: I have eczema on my neck and l don't know what to use.

Esthetician: I would go see a doctor so he can prescribe a topical skin treatment for your eczema. We do however have some anti-itching creams you can try.

Q: Hello,my sister has white spots(Vitiligo)in her hands and her doctor told her that there is no treatment for them.
Could you tell me if there is cover cream for these spots?

Esthetician: Dermablend is a great makeup line that specializes in covering skin discoloration.

Q: My age is 33 and i have Combination skintype and blemishes/freckles on cheek area. Can you advise what are the product range that are suitable for me.
Also i am looking at fluids. Which will be suitable for me? Can it be applied on eyes? How often and when should i use fluids?

Esthetician: There are many different products you can use but I suggest BABOR's Mild Cleanser. The fluids from BARBOR will come with instructions on how often to use it.

Q: i want to know which would be a good product to get a more fairer and clear skin, I am from India so generally have a bit darker skin and very very light sun burns

Esthetician: Dermalogica's ChromaWhite line is a verygood line for people with darker skin tones to even out and clear up their skin.

Q: Sir
I tried a skin peel and laser to rid melasma, its just made it worse. I now have these dark patches all over my face.
I'm tempted by another peel, but is there anything I can use to rejunivate the skin more quickly as the laster burnt through many layers of skin

Esthetician: Try the line Neocutis. This product will help to heal your skin over time and help to also fix the initial problem.

Q: Lost weight to get off Lipitor and BP med. but now have a face full of pores/wrinkles especially my chin. I have no idea what I need but pill free, from SZ 16 to a 6, I wonder if it was worth it.The sample Sothy's anti aging creme #2 seem to help a bit. My body, I can hide.

Esthetician: If the sample of Sothys seemed to help you then I suggest you use that product.

Q: I have been using the PRIORI - Advanced AHA Skin Renewal Cream for a couple weeks and it makes my face - skin really dry. Any suggestions?

Esthetician: Well I would stop using that product right away and try NeoStrata's Problem Dry Skin Cream.

Q: I have very embarrasing bikini line and when i shave my bikini line you can see the dark pores where the hair grows its embarrasing it may also be scars from razor burn. And everytime i shave my bikini hair later on the day it gets very itchy and bumps red and irritated. And the scars wont go away. I've tried everything. Ive tried bio oil, scar remover cream. But it still irritates me and the scars are still there. I can never wear a bikini because it is very embarrassing seeing those marks and scars. What should I do???

Esthetician: I would start using the brand The Art of Shaving. Try their Pre and Post shaving balms and also try the razor burn relief.

Q: Hi, I had a facial today and I noticed the products she was using had collin written on them, I didn't see "GM" in front of it, but her products seem to do wonders for my skin. Do you know if your products are used frequently by people who do facials. I have spent so much money on facial products and have not been happy with the results.

Esthetician: The GM is very small next to collins so that could be whay you didn’t see it. I don’t know of any other brand for facial products than GM Collins.

Q: I have dark circul araund my eyes..I try everythink, nothink help

Esthetician: Exuviance Brightening Bionic Eye Crème would be a great product to help you with your problem.

Q: Helo. I am a girl from norway , and i have got some problems with my skin.
The last days i have got many red dots in my face, im feeling ugly and bad, because my skin is normally perfect. Before i used dermalogica, but i wanted to try something else, so i started with exuvance. But after 6 mnd i got this ugly skin. Can u help?

Esthetician: Try Murad's Cleansing gel and any other of their products.

Q: "I need help Im tired of spending money nothing works for me what can i buy to treat my brown spot

Esthetician: You should try PCA Skin's Pigment gel.

Q: What product can I use to treat scabs on the back of the hand? My 12-year old son constantly scratches wounds open, thus not giving them time to heal.

Esthetician: We don’t have any products for scabbing but I suggest you use neosporin and a bandage.

Q: My 2 year old daughter has widespread white scaly patches on her head. I recently shaved off all her hair as she would constantly itch. What product should I use to alleviate the problem?

Esthetician: I would take her to a doctor but it sounds like Psoriasis to me. You can try NeoStrata PSORENT Psoriasis Topical Solution but still take her to a doctor to get her looked at.

Q: I am 36 years age, I would to have perfect face, I have combination skin on my face.
Can you recommend me which brand good for face?
I wanna just take care my face.
Thanks in advance.

Esthetician: I would suggest the Brand Dermalogica. Take a look at all of their products on our website.

Q: I currently use RETIN A at night.. for my acne prone skin. However i need a good mosturizer at night for repair and all the goodies. any suggestions

Esthetician: Retin A tends to make skin very sensitive to other products so if you are going to use a moisturizer I would use somethin very very mild and calming, you should also ask your doctor who is giving the Retin A what you should use.

Q: What is the best cream for extremely dry, sometimes flaky skin? I am currently using La Mer but would like to find a less expensive option. I have heard G.M. collin and cosmidex make good moisturizers. What are your thoughts?

Esthetician: Gm Collins is a very good line with many products for dry skin. Try looking at GM Collins Hydrating line.

Q: the cream is good for the very dry skin because my skin is very dry and does not make itch?and you can see the result will appear fast or after finishing the cream and which cream i can use for age 40 for eyes and face and to remove wrinkles and how many days the result it will appear and thank you

Esthetician: You should try Exuviance Ultra Restorative Crème, this may help with both problems.

Q: Dear Dr. i need to have product that lift my breast tight what is the beast.

Esthetician: They all work differently on each person but you can try Miss Oops's Goblet Goop Firming Neck & Chest Cream or Mama Mio's Boob Tube.

Q: What is the best face wash to use to get clear skin?

Esthetician: It all depends on your skin type but we have many facial washes for you to look through and choose the one you think is best for you. Just go to the condiditons and concerns section of our website and look through the products we have for acne.

Q: i have dry skin but for some reason i keep breaking out and really bad. i can't find a good skin care company, what would you recommend?

Esthetician: Your skin could be breaking out because you are very dry. When the skin feels lack of moisture it produces more seabum which is oil and will cause breakouts. I suggest something to moisturize and hydrate your skin.

Q: Hi, I'm with some brown spots that came from acne, can u recommend a skin care cosmetic that can remove the brown spots without give me more acne..Thanks

Esthetician: Since these seem to be acne scars I would suggest you use scarlight.

Q: Can you please tell me which brand you recomend for my thin .dry and sensitive skin. i can not use foundation because it seems like a mask that fall apart. Can you also tell me which eyecream that is the best for me and me daughter. I am nearly fifty, and she is twenty.

Esthetician: All brands are different and you have to find which brand works with your skin so I can't tell you which brand to use but I can tell you which kind of product to use. Anything for dry skin would be good for you. PCA Skin has a Sensitive Skin Trial System which is also for dry skin so this would be the best for you but we have so many products for dry and sensitive skin that I'm sure you will find the perfect product for you.

Q: My beauty therapist recomended me to use the cream. Will the cream bleach my skin since it reads Brightening. Please advise. Thank you.

Esthetician: It will not bleach your skin because bleaching your skin will actually change your skin color this will just brighten your skin and give you a natural glow.

Q: I am looking for a razor that will not make my skin irritated. I have been using just generic razors and have tried electric. I know that my skin is sensitive to most jewelery with metal and I can not wear anything for very long with out my skin being really itchy and breaks out. My legs never break out but they are very itchy after I shave. Is there some sort of plastic razor I can use or something?

Esthetician: I can not help you out with finding a razor but I can tell you about all the shaving products we carry for post and pre shaving including anti itch after shaving and razor burn cream. Theres eShave, The Art of Shaving, Whish, and other brands to look through.

Q: Hello doctor
I am removing my face hair by laser in a clinic here in Bahrain, after the laser the doctor adviced me not to soap in the same day and not to use makeup for two days, but my face gets red, and the second day white heads with oil appears on my face, what is the solution?

Esthetician: If you are under the care of this doctor you should see what he suiggests for you to do. Since I am not giving you these treatments I wouldn't know what is okay for you to use and what is not okay for you to use.

Q: Hi,
I'm a 48 year old peri-menapausal female with sagging, thinning, dry & sensitive skin from many years of abusing my skin in the sun and from smoking.
I've lost a lot of facial volume and I'm looking for products that can thicken my skin, as I can no longer afford filler injections. Are there any peptides or other ingredients that can increase facial volume? I understand the results won't be as drastic as the filler injections, but the skin on my forehead is so thin that the veins and bones are visible. Even if I could afford the injections, I was told that the forehead cannot be injected with filler materials.

Esthetician: There are no products that will actually make you skin thicker but from what you say about your skin being so sun damaged and abused by all the fillers and injections, I think you should try Neocutis. They use PSP or Processed Skin Proteins which rejuvenate the skin and over time you will achive results that you can be happy with.

Q: I have a question about acne scars. When I get acne scars (hyperpigmentation), they stay on my face for 5 to 6 months. What product would you recommend for lightening the scars?

Esthetician: The best thing to use for acne scars from our website would be Scarlight.

Q: I have very bad red veins on my face as well as age spots -- Have been using Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Consealor --- can you suggest another product that will cover as well if not better but not too costly ? Thank you

Esthetician: Dermablend is the best product to use for covering anything. If you are not happy with the product you are using you should try using the Dermablend primer and setting powder to get better results.

Q: I would like to know what the best Babor's cream for to clair skin

Esthetician: Well creams cant clear skin alone you must first choose the best cleanser for you and Babor does have many good cleansers and most of the time there is a cream that goes with that cleanser. For example if you choose a cleanser for sensitive skin they will have a cream for sensitive skin.

Q: hello Doctor.
I am 26 years old, I want to know what good face lotion can You recoment to me? when Iput a lotion on my face I feel like its burning, so I think i have sensitive skin.Can I start to using antiage cream? which one Do you recoment???
Thank You so much for your help.


Q: I have milia bumps under my eyes and they are getting more noticable and more are appearing. What casues them? Is it too much eye cream? What can I do to get rid of them or reduce their appearance? I would be willing to have them removed by a derm. if possilbe..help!

Esthetician: I would stop using the eye cream and start using Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant but be careful not to get any in your eyes if you are using it so closely.

Q: will the upper eyelid lifter help if you have a lazy eye?

Esthetician: Yes. The eyelid has nothing to do with the eyeball itself.

Q: Hello,
I am a 55 yo wf who is struggling with obvious signs of aging. I eat properly, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water.I am interested in the most affordable line of skin care products. I do realize that many of the high priced skin care lines are just that...high priced. I will at some point, be looking into some laser skin resurfacing. So, essentially, what is the best regimen? product? Thank you

Esthetician: We have many anti-aging products for you to choose from. If you would like a simple solution to finding a regimen you should try Dermalogica's AgeSmart starter kit. It comes with a cleanser, toner, cream, eye cream, and mask.

Q: Hi there,
I have rosacea and suffer from very dry, rough and flaky skin. What make up products would you recommend for my skin type?

Esthetician: For Rosacea you should try Neocutis Hyalis Refining Serum.

Q: Hello doctor..
Well i have a lot of acne problems..im using lotus products for the moment..the problem is that i have recently purchased Rilastil Color Corrector and i was wondering if it is good for my skin type..
thanks you for advice..

Esthetician: It should be fine for you to use, if hoever, you find yourself breaking out stop using this product.

Q: I am 14 years old and i have really bad stretch marks on my hips from growing so fast, will they eventually go away and how long would that take?, or what kind of cream would you recommend?

Esthetician: Try Mama Mio's Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil.

Q: Hi Dr.Berger iam trying to find out which line would be the best for my skin at age of 47!I have used jane irredale but i found out that it did not give me the best coverage for out this way and found it very drying to the skin!I know it has to do with more than the top layer it goes to more under the dermis that could cause of my dryness!and too under the eyes it looks cakey and not young looking!I sometimes do break out with my hormones too in which i find too when a woman has her periods!i do have a little pigmentation to showing up from years of laying in the sun!I want to look fresh and healthy and young looking!I dont know if what i said has helped in the asking part!Could you please tell me which one or is there one better than these two available!marsha

Esthetician: You should try G.M. Collin's Anti-aging duo, it helps with both aging and dry skin.

Q: I'm 55 years old and with a dry and sensitive skin, and I have thin skin. What kind of face cream and eye cream should I use?

Esthetician: You should try something from the Calming Sensitive line from Babor

Q: im 16/female. I've been developing quite alot of fine stretch marks on my breasts and im 8 stone and havnt gained or lost any weight that i know of, so i dont know whats going on. was curious if theres any sort of lasor treatment that can remove fine stretch marks..? thankyou.

Esthetician: The brand, Mama Mio, is the perfect product to help with stretch marks.

Q: any creams to help reduce dark marks

Esthetician: We have many brands that can help you such as Murad, StriVectin, Nuxe, and many others. Go to "age spots & brown spots" under the conditions and concerns section of our website and you will find many products for you to choose from.

Q: What product should I use to defy age, I'm over 50. normal to oily skin

Esthetician: No product can completely defy age but we have a wide range of anti aging products that over time will work wonders for your skin. Go to our conditions and concers section on our site and go to the "fine lines & wrinkles" section to browse through all the products that can help you.

Q: Hello Dr.Berger
I have tried some Sothys eye-contour serum and cleaning milk. I think is working. What do you think about Sothys products.

Esthetician: Sothys is a very good, high end product. I'm not surprised that you are seeing results from this. Make it a habit to use these products everyday and you will achive the skin you've always wanted.

Q: I am 44 years old. I am starting to notice some age spots, and for the past year, have had more breakouts than even as an adolescent. Many products worsen this problem. What kind of foundation/concealer would you recommend? Thank you so much for your advice.

Esthetician: We have many great foundations from brands like Babor, Jane Ireadale, Youngblood, and many others. All these brands are great, high quality brands with foundations that will cover greatly without being too heavy. You just have to find the one that works best for you, browse our website and then make your decision, you will be happy with whatever choice you make I'm sure.

Q: I am 36 years old and was considering to start using the kinerase restructure firming cream at night....my skin is not bad but, I am beginning to see crow's feet aroung the eyes & "smile" lines around my the mouth area & just a touch of "less firming" in my face. Would you suggest me using the cream?

Esthetician: Absolutley, Kinerase is a great line as is all the products we carry.

Q: Can exfoliating vitamin cleanser by B.Kamins be used every day.
It does not anything in description

Esthetician: Since it is ultra gentle you should be able to use it everyday. If you start to feel discomfort try using it everyother day, alternating with a cream cleanser.

Q: Hello there,
I recently bought the B. Kamins chemins lactic acid 10% for fine lines and wrinkles. I found out now that I'm pregnant.
Is it safe for use during pregnancy??
Thank you.

Esthetician: I'm not exactly sure, you should ask your ob/gyn about this but just to be safe I would use something that is all natural.

Q: hello doctor, i was wondering after reading about product like "poetry in lotion" and Bremenn's eyelid lift cream if they work for people over 50?
i think my skin is great for bing54; however, i do need products that are easier on the wallet then surgery.
thank u for your advise

Esthetician: These products don't know age, they should work for everyone. They may work a bit slower for some people who are older depending on their skin. If these products do not work for you, we have many other anti aging eye creams and face creams on our site for you to choose from.

Q: what kind of green concealer can i use to cover up bruising on my face? also help with swelling? thank you!

Esthetician: If its brusing you want to hide, green is not the color for you to use, green is used to hide red blemishes. If you have a typical bruise that is blue and purple you should use an orange tinted concealer. As far as swelling goes there is no makeup to conceal swelling besides a color a shade or two darker than your face color to contour but be careful not to use too much.

Q: Hello from South Carolina!
What is your opinion of using Jane Iredale makeup?
Sir, thank you for your response! Carolyn

Esthetician: Jane Iredale is a very good high end makeup brand with great coverage from their foundations and amazing pigment color from their blushes and eyeshadows. You can go find out more about them from their youtube channel and see exactly how to use their products.

Q: Recently, I saw on Oprah a man that had literally
turned himself blue from using a solution he made of silver that he applied directly on his skin. I have now seen skin care products (Cor Silver Bar soap and TRUE Transforming Mineral Mist) that contain silver and I'm just wondering if this is the same thing and if it would harm me if I used it?

Esthetician: No, all products that come to us from companies have been tested by those companies to make sure nothing like that happens. The fact that he made the solution himself was probably what made him turn blue.

Q: At 61 I continue to have 'black heads' on the high part of my cheek bones and on my nose. What product would you suggest to dissolve them. Also, what is H50 Therapy Cream supposed to do. My daughter gave me some samples from her doctor.

Dr. Berger: Dear Linda,
I always recommend deep cleansing facials every other month to my patients with a tendency for acneform lesions. I also highly recommend hormone replacement for post-menopausal women with no family history of breast cancer… they can even test for the breast cancer gene! It’s soooo good for your skin (and general quality of life. Ask your GYN.
As for H50, it’s a good, soliud performer for anti-aging, moderately priced and effective. Just be sure to get the appropriate type for your specific skin; dry or oily.

Q: My 7 year old son is plagued with vitiligo. What would you recommend I use for a cover-up of to stop the process or for re-pigmenting. He is starting to develop a complex as he gets older, and I feel bad for him. Locoid and protopic are out of the question at this point due to dangers of cancer and skin thining.

Dr. Berger: Dear Cindy,
no great news on the horizon, either. Treatment is definitely out at his tender age. Find a custom cosmetics company that can match his skin tone as closely as possible, and see if there are any support groups or pediatric counselors who can help.
Best wishes,
Eric Berger MD

Q: What is your opinion of Dr. Perricone's LIGHT Renewal product. Does it work?

Dr. Berger: I get asked this all the time. I’m a big fan of Perricone Products, except that they’re seriously overpriced… but the Light Renewal system is questionable, at best.
The strength of clinical LED lights and the precautions and restrictions involved make a home system essentially toothless in my opinion. Find an MD with an OmniLux system and get REAL treatments that are specific for your skin problems.

Q: I have recently been told about mineral makeup and how it allows your skins to breath - however there seem to be several makes. Which one would you recommend for fair skin - not awfully sensitive some white pigmentation due to sun – I’d like my skin to be able to breath even with makeup on? Thanks

Dr. Berger: The easy answer is Jane Iredale. Natural, mineral and moderately priced, especially considering the excellent quality.

Q: I am currently using N.Y.C. Translucent Pressed Face Powder.
It contains the following ingredients: Talc, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Zinc Stearate, Calcium Silicate, Kaolin, Oryza Sativa Starch Rice, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour Oat, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Boron Nitride, Isopropylparaben, sobutylparaben, Butylparaben, Isopropyl Palmitate, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Mica, Iron Oxides, titanium Dioxide, Ultramarines.
Are any of these ingredients harmful to the skin in any way?

Dr. Berger: Dear Angela,
EVERY product contains potentially harmful ingredients… even filtered water. The question is: Are you allergic to any of these ingredients (by now you’d know!), reactive or overly sensitive, or are they merely “trace amounts” which will do no harm. The regulations are such that most people will have no negative effects, and if you like the way the product works on YOU, don’t change a thing.

Q: I have Vitilago and would like to order some cover-up for my face, but I do not know what color to order. Do you have a resource in the Southern Calif. area?

Dr. Berger: Prescriptives™ is a franchised custom blending system and available in many department stores.

Q: Hello doctor,
I am 19 and I have stretch marks from working out between my chest and shoulders, mostly. I am not a body builder, but I am developing muscle mass and do not feel comfortable going to the beach with these stretch marks looking quite red at times. I am trying to use tretonoin and palmer's butter cream, but since this condition cannot be treated, I was wondering if you would know more about cosmetic solutions that would cover these lines. Have you had experience with people using Dermablend for example?
Thank you in advance.

Dr. Berger:Jake,
have you been playing with steroids? This is a common side effect, not usually found in regular mass gain... if you are... even just a little... STOP! As for cover-ups, yes, Dermablend may work, but I have recently been recommending Prescriptives™
Give them a try and good luck.

Q: Dear Doctor Berger,
First, thank you for allowing all these people to consult and speak with you via mail connection. I have a question about my hair which is dry and curly. When it is wet it is beautiful, but once it dries it is not as beautiful as it is wet and it is damaged. I do not know which cream or oil is good for it in order to keep the wet style. Would you please help me.
Thank you, in advance.

Dr. Berger:Dear Azita,
I once knew a girl who had a very similar problem and solved it in an interesting way.
She switched to baby shampoo for the gentle cleansing and, one night a week, rubbed olive oil into her hair, wrapped it in a towel and went to sleep. In the morning she washed it and it looked fabulous!
I’d give it a try. Let me know the results.

Q: I am a 54 year old male with dry skin. I use Jan Marini Skin care and Retin A at night. Thinking about trying BABOR. What do you think about BABOR as an anti-aging line and firmer for the skin?

Dr. Berger:Dear Jerry,
it’s great to hear from a guy interested in good skin! I’m 60 and love to see my friends from HS and college… they look so OLD! On my face, I use Neova Products by ProCyte- After Shave Therapy and Night Therapy. Their Ti-Silk Sun Products are tops, too.
The quality is terrific, the price is right and the bottles are masculine enough to be left on the bathroom counter.

Q: I have Blepharitis Conjuntivitis over the last year. I am trying to find a mascara & eyeliner that isn't going to aggravate my eyes more. What brand do you recommend?

Dr. Berger:It’s difficult because everyone reacts to different chemicals. I strongly recommend natural product lines… hypo-allergenic… such as Joey New York. That’s a great place to start.
All the best, Eric Berger MD

Q: I have had silver stretch marks for three years. I have tried everything to help remove them, but it doesn’t work. I’m 17 and I believe its puberty related, but it is ugly and I want the best solution possible. Please help me.

Dr. Berger:Dear Tamika,
ProCyte makes a product specifically designed for this problem. Admittedly, I have not had much experience with treating stretch marks, and little success... but it’s worth a try Rilastil - Stretch Marks Cream (200 ml).
There is also Phytomer Seatonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream, Rilastil Intensive Stretch Mark Cream. and a host of others. Good luck in your search.

Q: Hi Dr Berger.
I used an over-the-counter Microdermabrasion while I was on Retin-A and it created dark hyperpigmentation on my cheekbones. I continued to use the product and it erased 80% of the hyperpigmentation and even removed most dead skin. However, a few dark areas remained. Should I continue to use the product in hopes that it will all eventually go away? Best regards, thank you.

Dr. Berger:Dear Lois,
that’s what’s so terrible wrong with unguided self-treatment! Did the microderm system warn not to use it with Retin-A? No MD in his right mind would microderm skin sensitized by a retinoid until at least a month of non-use. I’d love to see the package insert.
Yes, keep using the microderm for a while WITHOUT the Retin-A, and if that fails, see a good laser surgeon.
Why is it that people are so easily convinced that they can treat their own skin? No one tries to remove their own appendix!

Q: Hello Dr Berger,
I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Dominica. I grew up with a lot of scars on my feet from sports, recreation and country living. I have been hearing about Scarguard on the radio and I am thinking of trying it to get rid of the scars. Do you recommend it? If not what do you recommend?
Thanks, BJ.

Dr. Berger:Dear BJ,
old scars are very difficult to treat. Don’t expect too much. ScarGuard is as good as any other scar treatment, but it’s intended for recent, soft skin scars… not scars on tougher areas like the feet.
There is unfortunately no specific solution I can think of.

Q: I'm looking to purchase Scarguard. Are there any competitors to this product? I can't seem to compare this product to anything else. Thanks.

Dr. Berger:Dear Lee Ann,
There’s a product, MediScar, with which I’ve had good results. It’s available on the web. Also, see my comments on Laser Genesis for real scar reduction.

Q: My skin is very thin and I bruise very easily because of the steroids I have had to take for rheumatoid arthritis. Is their anything you know of to help this condition.

Dr. Berger:Take especially good care of your skin! The steroids also make it easier to get infections. I STRONGLY recommend ProCyte Complex Cu3 - Intensive Tissue Repair Creme. Very good at repair and protection.

Q:What is the best facial care for mild adult acne. I am concerned about the fine lines starting to form so can you help me with a treatment for both? Thanks so much I just turned 50 and never had any break outs as a teenager at all. Kinda wish I could of had them then and not now!

Dr. Berger:Dear Sharon,
I see this type of hormonal acne every day. It’s so frustrating. I usually start patients off with exceptional cleaning. A Dermalogica Facial a week for a month, while they have 2 Blue Light (OmniLux) sessions a week for 10 weeks. Generally, that will make any other treatment more effective by removing the offending bacteria and porphyrin by-products, and exfoliating to make the pores more accessable.
Your age is significant because at puberty and menopause... whenever there are big hormone swings... hormone balancing can be VERY helpful, too.

Q: I have severely dark circles around my eyes does Hylexin really work?

Dr. Berger: I have no experience with Hylexin... but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. The science seems logical, and there are sites offering dramatic price reductions on line. Give it a try. Let me know what YOU think.

Q: I have extremely dry skin. I put moisturizer on my face and it soaks right in leaving my face still dry. I also cannot tolerate dyes or fragrances. What do you suggest?

Dr. Berger: Dear Saundra,
use an intensive moisturizer. Often, when moisturizer fails, it is just not sufficient for your needs.
Try ProCyte Neova R2 Creme Intense. It’s really exceptional.

Q: What is a good coverage for Vitiligo on the corners of my lips?

Dr. Berger: I like Dermablend products, because of the range of tones available. The results are uniformly smooth and you can certainly match your tone.
Let me know what happens.

Q: What skin care line do you recommend for premature aging and hyperpigmentation? I have a medium colored complexion and I have slight acne scars with acne prone skin? I was thinking Kinerase?

Dr. Berger: No doubt about it, Kinerase makes a good line. So does Dermalogica, for that matter. Still, get the advise of a licensed skincare professional (aesthetician) as to which specific products are for your skin type.
The mild acne scars can now be treated wonderfully with the PEARL laser from Cutera. It is mildly ablative, heals in 4-5 days and is truly amazing.

Q: Does tanning lotion have a chemical smell? Is it perfumed?

Dr. Berger: Every tanning lotion is different. (I assume you mean self-tanner, as I strongly recommend NOT to sun tan if you want to maintain healthy, wrinkle-free skin!) I like Clarins self-tanner. Nice small, good smooth result and not a budget breaker.

Q: Please suggest say cream for long haul flying.

Dr. Berger: Dear Kerry, I need a few days out of the office… going anywhere interesting?
Seriously, though, for long hauls you need a moisturizer that heals and won't quit on you half way to New Zealand.
Try Neova Creme De La Copper with Copper Peptides. It's a terrific, durable moisturizer that heals, soothes and moisturizes extremely well.

Q: I am 53 years old, and I have had various forms of eczema/contact dermatitis since I was 12 years old. Over the years, I have had to be very careful about what skin and hair products I use.
Bioelements shampoo is one of the only ones I have been able to use without exacerbating the eczema, and they have quit making the spa shampoo product. HELP! I need a comparable product with natural ingredients!!

Dr. Berger: That's a real problem… you need something mild and natural, so stick with child-oriented products like "Baby Cakes - Organic Therapeutic Shampoo and Body Wash". It's inexpensive and very mild.

Q: I am a 35 yr. old white female with olive skin and I have been battling melasma for 3 years.
I have tried Triluma and had 10 IPL treatments. The melasma has improved. I am considering having the pearl laser treatment in two weeks. Can this work better than the IPL treatments? Is there any risk that this treatment can make the melasma worse? I have melasma on my cheeks, upper lip and chin.

Dr. Berger: Melasma is sooo difficult to treat. Some physicians seem to get pretty good results with Genesis (CUTERA) at high settings with anesthetic cream beforehand.
Some use the pearl, though it's new and not specifically designed for that problem… but it does remove surface pigmentation so...
Others, still, use a great product called Cosmalon™ that is a combined office treatment with self applied home-care after. IPLs are not a great option, in my opinion. I might be tempted to try (with your complete understanding that this is speculative and new) the Pearl.

Q: Can you tell me what anti aging skin cream is good?

Dr. Berger: Ahhh, Susan… which, indeed. There are so many from which to choose. I really love (yes, that's as strong a preference as I can use) ProCyte Neova Creme De La Copper with Copper Peptides. It's soothing, healing, moisturizing. An all around great line of products.

Q: I'm interested in Neova products but want to be assured I can use them with Retin A. I use that every other day and would like a recommendation of a Neova night cream. One with copper peptides that will encourage collagen productions. Could you get back to me. Susan

Dr. Berger: Dear Susan,
There is no contraindication to the use of retinoids with Neova products… especially the Copper Peptides.
I recommend Neova Night Therapy. Cleanse carefully and apply nightly. You'll be very pleased with the results.

Q: What is Thermus thermophilus Ferment this is in BABOR Sea Creation Eye Cream. If it is a mold won't it damage your skin? (Especially if you a allergic to mold.)

Dr. Berger: Great question! Thanks, Sonya.
TT is a eubacterium. That means it is a bacteria, not a mold, and that it has thick, rigid cell walls (rather than flexible) and a flagella (tail) so it can move. There's a lot of research going on about TT… it was isolated in a deep, hot water ocean vent off Japan, and prefers to live in VERY hot (65ºC, 150ºF) environments. It also can exist in hot water heaters. To the best of my knowledge, and all the scientific data I could find, it currently has no human application except to separate you from your money.

Q: Which mineral cosmetics are ph balanced? Is there a natural line of skin care designed exclusively for mineral makeup?

Dr. Berger: You are in luck, Penny. Jane Iredale products are a complete line of natural, wonderful makeup and cosmeceutical. Give then a try and let me know what you think.

Q: Hi, I have just started using SkinCeuticals - C E Ferulic, and I am very happy with it! What other SkinCeuticals products do you suggest that I use along with it? I am 38 years old, have started to get some wrinkles and my skin tone is uneven. My skin is not dry.

Dr. Berger: Dear Nelly, (I love the name Nelly¦ not common and evoking the pioneer spirit!)
SkinCeuticals is a pretty good product, and not too pricy. They fill a good market niche. Their normal skin Cleansing Cream, Revitalizing Toner and Daily Moisture are a good place to start.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
I used to be able to wear any type of foundation/face makeup and my skin would still stay clear. Now, all of a sudden I am breaking out and everything seems to clog my pores. I am looking for a foundation I can wear everyday that won't be as harmful to my skin. I am 24 years old. Two I was recommended was Too Faced Magic Wand Foundation, the ingredients are: Water (Aqua), Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, PEG-7 Dimethicone, Sea Water (Maris Aqua), Sodium Chloride, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Hexyl Laurate, Lauryl PEG/PPG-18/18 Methicone, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Squalane, Aluminum Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol, Cereus Grandiflorus (Cactus) Flower Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Sorbitol, Natto Gum, Fragrance (Parfum), Linalool, Limonene, Disodium EDTA, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891). May contain: Iron Oxides (CI 77491), Iron Oxidesd (CI 77492), Iron Oxides (CI 77499).
Can you please tell me if this foundation will be safe for me to use everyday or recommended any foundations/makeup brands that I can use? Thanks in advance.

Dr. Berger: Wow, Jasmine! That’s some letter. Ever think of getting a job at the FDA? The best idea for your problem is KEEP IT SIMPLE.
Switch to natural mineral products… stop all the stuff with additives. Buy Jane Iredale products are a complete line of natural, wonderful makeup and cosmeceuticals.

Q: Does Scar Guard scar reduction cream have any negative result on the skin on the long run for the 4 month baby and the scar area is over lips.

Dr. Berger: I do not... REPEAT: DO NOT... recommend using any adult product on an infant with out Pediatric supervision!
Babies skin is totally different than ours. Beware.

Q: Hello. I'm wondering if I can use Strivectin-SD if I'm breastfeeding?

Dr. Berger: Dear Donna, the Strivectin folks specifically state on the warning label: Not for use by pregnant or nursing women. I believe them… so should you. Also, a strong warning for everyone out there: Don’t put anything, ever, on your face or body without reading the packaging and warnings!!!!!

Q: Recently, I saw on Oprah a man that had literally turned himself blue from using a solution he made of silver that he applied directly on his skin. I have now seen skin care products (Cor Silver Bar soap and TRUE Transforming Mineral Mist) that contain silver and I'm just wondering if this is the same thing and if it would harm me if I used it?

Dr. Berger: Dear Mary,
Many metallic substances can dye the skin however, the amount in facial products is minimal and not even the type of silver compound that will cause these problems.
More important is the fact that laser treatments can react with metal to change skin tone… if you plan on having any of the wonderful, rejuvenating treatments like laser Genesis, Photo Facials, etc, discontinue these products for a month beforehand and tell your physician so that they can perform a facial and remove all the product which may be hiding in your pores.

Q: Hello from South Carolina!
What is your opinion of using Jane Iredale makeup?
Sir, thank you for your response! Carolyn

Dr. Berger: Dear Carolyn,
In the midst of New York winter, I envy you being in South Carolina… need a house call? LOL Actually, Jane Iredale makeup is an excellent product line.
They boast that their products contain no oil to clog or enlarge pores and no talc, which can dry the skin, and there is no perfume, alcohol, chemical additives or artificial dyes.
That's huge in the cosmetic marketplace. Good choice.

Q: I have been using StriVectin-SD on my face for years. Then one day I got big dry patches when I used it. So I quit using it for a while and tried again. The same thing happened. Does the formula expire? Can you advise anything. I hate to throw away such an expensise item if that's not the problem. Thank you, Kay

Dr. Berger: Dear Kay,
There should be an expiration date on the package, or you can call the company with a lot number and get more information.
After years of using a specific product, you might have developed a sensitivity… in any event, wasting a few dollars is better than harming your face.
Discontinue use and switch to a mild product for a while. If the problem persists, consult a dermatologist.

Q: I have fairly good skin and was wondering what line you recommend for body products, body lotions, etc. My skin type is dry to normal and I am 42 years old. Also my husband is 45 and has acne on torso.

Dr. Berger: Dear Ellen,
Dermalogica makes products specifically for your type of skin, and ProCyte also has high quality body lotions.
Stick with the basics. No fancy packaging, no fragrances… just good moisturizers. Vibraderm body treatments are a wonderful adjunct to overall body skin health.
Your husband sounds like he needs a consult, possibly a "body facials" and blue light treatments.

Q: I've been using Retinol 0.01% gel on my face every  other night, but it irritated patches of skin to the degree that it  looked like I was chapped or wind-burned. Is it OK to use a moisturizer about 30-60 minutes after I apply the Retinol, or does this decrease the efficacy of the Retinol?

Dr. Berger: Dear Sue,
Bad news… stop the Retinol. Moisturizing will cover up the damage, but if you are one of the unlucky patients who have been sensitized to the product, discontinue use.
There are more than one ways to attack wrinkles. Consult a good facialist and a cosmetic skin care MD.

Q: Dr Berger,
Is it safe to use 7% hydroquinone along with 2% Vc-ip and Arbutin 3%?.

Dr. Berger: Dear Victoria,
So that's Victoria's secret! Too many creams. Actually, 7% Hydroquinone is very strong and I would recommend using those products serially, rather than simultaneously. It's better to err on the side of caution… always.

Q: Hi. I have very dry skin I need a very good moisturizer. I use a lot, but I didn't find the right one. Can you please help  me to find the right one? Thanks

Dr. Berger: Dear Tona,
Not having seen your skin or knowing how sensitive it is makes this a difficult question.
Stay with basic product lines, and their dry skin formulae. Try Procyte’s excellent Copper Peptide creams. They are really great and excellent value for quality.

Q: My fingers crack open in the cold weather will any cream help? Thanks

Dr. Berger: Dear Tom,
Got gloves? All kidding aside, a good pair of ski gloves will help a lot, and simply using ProCyte Copper Peptide cream will help the healing a lot.
Buy a few pair of inexpensive cotton gloves, smear your hands in ProCyte and sleep in the gloves. Your hands will be smooth and your significant other will be grateful.

Q: MHello, I have just purchased your book on cellulite and I really like your approach. I am looking into purchasing the tone and firming products (the lotions) but I am surprised that they contain parabens as opposed to natural preservatives. Is there a reason and do you have more natural alternative lotions that you would recommend or are working on? Thank you

Dr. Berger: Well, Alexa,
I am currently working on a cellulite cream of my own… but the paraben preservatives are the best. I know the magic that the word “natural” conjures up, but natural means chemical, too.
If plants are not treated with pesticides they begin to produce their own… cyanide is in peach pits… get the idea. But for significant cellulite, mesotherapy with thigh cream, not thigh cream alone, is the treatment of choice.

Q: I have actinic kerotosis, am using Solaraze gel. The dermatologist said it is ok to use makeup, can I use the Jane Iredale products?

Dr. Berger: Dear Patsy,
I prefer to treat AKs with Levulin and Blue light. It's definitive and better than any topical product.
You can use Jane Iredale over most anything. Its an excellent product line.
They boast that their products contain no oil to clog or enlarge pores and no talc, which can dry the skin, and there is no perfume, alcohol, chemical additives or artificial dyes. Good choice.

Q: I have been using Cyclic Soap for my facial cleanser. Can you tell me if and what the difference is with "Cor"?

Dr. Berger: I'm sorry, call me stupid, but I can not imagine soap for $100 a bar. It would have to sing and dance in the soap dish to entertain me each morning while I brushed my teeth!
Any good cleanser… for $25-40 a large bottle… will do just as well. Let's all take a deep breath and think of the fun you'll have drinking Vodka and Lime with the other $60 (in moderation and with a designated driver).

Q: 1) I am interested in your opinion of Strivectin Serum.
2) I have heard that there are preservatives in the Strivectin serum.
What are the names of these preservatives? 
3) I have also heard that these preservatives may be linked to some cases of breast cancer. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 indicating 0 risk and 10 indicating absolute risk, where would you rate the Cancer risk due to each preservative in Strivectin serum?
4) Is Strivectin Serum ever ingested, or is it only used topically?
5) If Strivectin Serum is used both ways, would you please indicate HOW it was used in the study(ies) you quote in your answer(s)to me?

Dr. Berger: Dear Ariel,
Strivectin is an ordinary moisturizer and potentially quite irritating. It’s basic components are the emollients sesame oil and alkyl benzoate.
Organic, high quality sesame oil costs $14 a quart at banyanbotanicals.com!
See for yourself.
In my considered opinion, there are no ingredients in Strivectin which could possibly justify its unconscionably high price.
It is neither an effective treatment for stretch marks and, as regards the claim "better than BOTOX®", whom do they think they're fooling?
Nothing is better than BOTOX®. Its main "active" ingredient is a peptide molecule too large to penetrate the skin and even reach the dermis, where stretch marks and wrinkles are formed.

Q: I am highly allergic to formaldehyde and phenylenediamine. I am looking for cleansers and moisturizers for my face and skin. I have not had any luck so far finding anything. Could you please help me. Thank You So Much For You Time. Dona Segers

Dr. Berger: Dear Dona,
Have you tried Dermalogica's Ultracalming Cleanser? It's a great choice for sensitive skin and contains neither.

Q: My daugther is 12 years old and has mild acne. She is using Dr.Perricone system, but it is causing itching in her face. What can she use to help with the itching that these acne products cause?

Dr. Berger: Dear Lizzette,
Perricone products are extremely high quality, and his acne treatments (and acne diet recommendations, etc) are excellent... but that does not preclude the possibility that your daughter is allergic to one or more of the base ingredient.
In fact, itching is one of the most frequent reactions in skin allergy.
Does the itching stop when she is not using the treatments? Is only one product causing the reaction?
I recommend that your daughter visit a dermatologist for a full acne screening, and avoid products which cause reactions. Acne is frustrating, but there is no need to suffer itching (or any other problem) while trying to treat it.
One size does NOT fit all, no matter how well formulated and manufactured.
Get some hands-on advice.
Eric Berger MD

Q: I was recently perscribed Retin A skin cream as a treatment for lines & wrinkles and it is drying my face so bad that it is peeling and very red & scaley and I am only using it 3 X's a week. Should I continue usuage, is that a normal side affect, etc.

Dr. Berger: Dear Judy,
What percentage Retin A are you using?
Who prescribed it and have you seen them for follow-up?
I would immediately discontinue use, and plan on visiting a dermatologist who will Rx slowly increasing percentages and frequency of application.
USE SUN SCREEN EVERY DAY, especially while using Retin A; avoid all laser and light treatments; moisturize and rest your skin for a while.
Eric Berger MD

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