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Shimmer & Glitter For Cheeks

There are a thousand and one ways to catch the light when you've got Beauty Bridge's arsenal of beautiful shimmers and glitters at your disposal. With shimmering cheek tints, highlighting creams, brightening makeup and shimmer powders, these diamonds are a girl's best friend.

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itemId=thmamalu|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|isInStock=T|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=6|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=theBalm - Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer|~|brand=theBalm|~|productType=Shimmer & Glitter|~|rating=5|~|ratingCount=9|~|price=24|~|priceReg=24|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1078207206
theBalm - Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer
(9 ratings)
itemId=bospbrma|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|isInStock=T|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=5|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=BORGHESE - Splendore Brightening Makeup|~|brand=BORGHESE|~|productType=Shimmer & Glitter|~|rating=4.5|~|ratingCount=3|~|price=30|~|priceReg=30|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1344229278
BORGHESE - Splendore Brightening Makeup
(3 ratings)
itemId=glgl|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|isInStock=T|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=11|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=GloMinerals - gloHighlighter|~|brand=GloMinerals|~|productType=Shimmer & Glitter|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=16.5|~|priceReg=16.5|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2273_7613232
GloMinerals - gloHighlighter
itemId=piluluxrapo|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=T|~|orderCount=2|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Pixi - Lumi Lux Radiance Power|~|brand=Pixi|~|productType=Shimmer & Glitter|~|rating=5|~|ratingCount=2|~|price=15.6|~|priceReg=26|~|priceSale=15.6|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1079337831
Pixi - Lumi Lux Radiance Power
(2 ratings)
Regular: $26.00
Sale Price: $15.60
itemId=cobeongofapa|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|isInStock=T|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=5|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Colorescience Pro - Beauty On The Go Mineral Face Palette|~|brand=Colorescience Pro|~|productType=Makeup Kits Combination|~|rating=4|~|ratingCount=1|~|price=50|~|priceReg=50|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-12557124802186/colorescience-pro-beauty-on-the-go-face-palette-28.jpg
Colorescience Pro - Beauty On The Go Mineral Face Palette
(1 rating)
itemId=padosmeyeco|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=T|~|orderCount=1|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Paula Dorf - The Smokey Eye Collection|~|brand=Paula Dorf|~|productType=Makeup Kits Combination|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=14.4|~|priceReg=36|~|priceSale=14.4|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1226269941
Paula Dorf - The Smokey Eye Collection
Regular: $36.00
Sale Price: $14.40
itemId=lilipcoshlip|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|isInStock=T|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=9|~|hasOptions=T|~|name=Liptini - Lip Cordial Shimmering Lip & Cheek Tints|~|brand=Liptini|~|productType=Lips & Cheeks Stains|~|rating=4|~|ratingCount=2|~|price=18|~|priceReg=18|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1123036460
Liptini - Lip Cordial Shimmering Lip & Cheek Tints
(2 ratings)
Choose the Color:
itemId=padopeco|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|isInStock=T|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=4|~|hasOptions=T|~|name=Paula Dorf - Perfect Color|~|brand=Paula Dorf|~|productType=Shimmer & Glitter|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=32|~|priceReg=32|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1344248051
Paula Dorf - Perfect Color
Choose the Color:
itemId=bachcosa|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|isInStock=T|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=|~|hasOptions=T|~|name=BABOR - Chic Cool Sand|~|brand=BABOR|~|productType=Shimmer & Glitter|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=40|~|priceReg=40|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1344277464
BABOR - Chic Cool Sand
Choose the Color:


I completely adore Luminosity by ModelCo and must highly recommend it!
Lisa V. Portland, OR July 8, 2015
I was looking for something light to highlight my face in all the right places without being too dramatic, and Luminosity was just the product! I purchased the Pink shimmer whip and achieved a rosy glow that beautifully defined my cheek bones and brow bones in a classy, subtle way. I must admit, it was slightly glitterier than I hoped, but overall, it gave me the exact look I was looking for.
Nice luminizer!
Natalia Ufa, Republik of Baschortostan June 19, 2015
Mary-Lou comes in firm plastic packaging with a round mirror on the inside which is the same size as the product itself. The formula is smooth, soft and amazingly pigmented. The color of Mary-Lou is a warmer golden shade, it's lovely, but it isn't really the best choice for us who are cool-toned.
The most beautiful highlighter!
Sivan Sanduri Cohen Israel May 1, 2015
This highlighter gives the face such a beautiful glow, I can't get enough of it! as a makeup artists I use it on my clients, they all LOVE it, I use it on my face everyday and make my friends want to buy it :P This is an absolute MUST HAVE! :)
Pixi lumi lux
Natascha Zurich, ZH November 13, 2014

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