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Scar Revision/Improvement

Q: I have these acne scars on my face (cheeks,nose and chin) I got it since high school, do u know any cosmetics to apply on my face to get rid away of my scars, I'm afraid of lasers and injections..hope you could help me.Thank you

Esthetician: NeoStrata - Skin Lightening Protocol is a great system to use for getting rid of acne scars. We have many other products on our website that would work for acne scars that you could browse through also, find the one that works for you but I think the neostrata will work just fine if you follow the directions exactly.

Q: I have bad stretch marks on my breast cause of weight gain, what cream can i use to get rid of them

Esthetician: Only sugery can completely get rid of them but there are many products you can use to lighten them and reduce their apperance. Check out our mama mio brand on our website for such products.

Q: I was told I have a keloid in the center of my lip. I had stitches 4 months ago and then I develop a keloid. What can I do to remove it? I was told not to do surgery on the lip. What do you recommend.

Esthetician: Scarguard MD is the product to use for your problem.

Q: Dear Doctor,
My name is Janice and would like to ask a question about the scars on my legs, I never had a chance to wear short skirts and walking shorts since I was young. I'm now 35yo my self-esteem is low and I hate wearing shorts with all my scars showing and they are all dark in color. Please, I really need help on what should I do or use to have these scars gone? Hope you could help me!

Esthetician: Try looking through the different products of the brand scarguard and see which one would be best for the type of scars you have weather they're raise or just dark in color.

Q: Does this procuct fade old scars? Whats the difference between the cream & the Gel?

Esthetician: No StriVectin does not fade scars. Try Scarguard MD.

Q: I am sure you will be wondered a question from far far way Afghanistan. I am female 30 years old and I did surgery 2years ago, but still the stain are in my skin (arm) its looking very bad. Will you please answer this question of mine that how I can remove it
With Regards

Esthetician: Try Scarguard's Scarlight MD

Q: Hi.
I have a question. I've been botered with acne on my back and now all the pimples are really gone. But what's left of my back are dark marks from pimples, so it looks like I still have pimples.
So, do you have a product to recommend me, which will remove these stains?

Esthetician: For small acne scars you should try Scarguard's Scarlight MD

Q: Hello Dr Berger,
My name is Marie Allen. I have a few questions for you. First, I have some scars on my knee that a got from playing sports when I was younger. They are very visible and they prevent me from wearing shorts or anything above the knee. I really feel very insecure with these scars. I try to hide them sometimes with makeup but it doesn't work. What can I do to fix this if anything?
Second, my butt cheeks are darker then the rest of my body, is there a bleaching cream I could use to lighten this area up. I am a black person, I just need some guidance in these two areas to help with my insecurities. I would really appreciate your expertise.
Thanks in advance.

Esthetician: For the scars you should try scarguard and for the darker skin you should try NeoStrata's HQ Skin Lightening Gel. These are both great products and should help you with your problem.

Q: how to remove a scar?

Esthetician: Try Scarguard

Q: I have very embarrasing bikini line and when i shave my bikini line you can see the dark pores where the hair grows its embarrasing it may also be scars from razor burn. And everytime i shave my bikini hair later on the day it gets very itchy and bumps red and irritated. And the scars wont go away. I've tried everything. Ive tried bio oil, scar remover cream. But it still irritates me and the scars are still there. I can never wear a bikini because it is very embarrassing seeing those marks and scars. What should I do???

Esthetician: I would start using the brand The Art of Shaving. Try their Pre and Post shaving balms and also try the razor burn relief.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger:
I am 49 years of age and have been considering getting Juvaderm injections for my "smile" lines and wanted to know if this treatment is sucessful in African Americans.
I thank you for your valuable time and consideration in this matter.
Mrs. Belinda J. Russ

Esthetician: Well injections would work in anyone despite their ethnicity but before you try injection you should try the brand Neocutis. Over time this product will get rid of the fine lines around your mouth.

Q: hi doctor!i am having inferiority complex because of scars. i can't show my legs at all coz i am having scars on my legs. it is characterized as round shape and brown in color.it was being scattered that is why i can't wear shorts,skirts or dressses.
i am deeply devastated because of this..
could you give me suggestions on what to use to lessen the color of these..
i am trying the dermatix but i cant figure out yet if it is effective coz i've been using it only for few days and still continuing it..
is it applicable for my problem?
i badly need your help doctor berger.. thank you and more power!

Esthetician: If the product you are using now doesn't work for you, you can try scarguard.

Q: Dr. Berger i have trouble with my eyebrows when new hair is trying to break through skin it swells and the other hair folicle swell up also what can i do to help this and help with the scaring

Esthetician: You can try scarguard but be careful with it so close to your eyes.

Q: Hi Dr Berger,
I am 36 now and , my skin is very dry on the surface and the oil glands are very active. Have large pores on my cheeks and lots of blackheads. I do not have pimples at a younger age but now, things seems to change. More breakouts and scars left behind after facial. I tried numerous skin care from cheap to very expensive products but till now, I have not found a suitable one. I am very concern about anti-aging and firming too. At night, i only use Estee firming serum. If i used moisturer, I have breakout and clogged pores again.
As such, I have problem selecting the correct skin care product for Asian skin.
For your kind advice pls.

Esthetician: Your skin may be dehydrated and not dry, there is a big difference. If you would like to try a product that helps to clear your skin and also is anti-aging you should try Dermalogica's Age Smart line. If you want to look for another product you should try to find a product that is hydrating rather than moisturizing.

Q: i have a lot of self harm from a my teenage years, i really regreat doing it, im tired of always wearing bracelts and i want something to remove or hide them, any suggestions??

Esthetician: I am very sorry to hear that and hope you don't do that anymore but to get rid or scars you can try Scarguard.

Q: I am 14 years old and i have really bad stretch marks on my hips from growing so fast, will they eventually go away and how long would that take?, or what kind of cream would you recommend?

Esthetician: Try Mama Mio's Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil.

Q: I have bed bug bites all over my arms & legs. What is good for removing those type of scars. These scars are really dark on my arms & especially my legs.

Esthetician: You should try Scarguard or Scarlight depending on how deep these scars are.

Q: I'm looking to purchase Scarguard. Are there any competitors to this product? I can't seem to compare this product to anything else. Thanks.

Dr. Berger: Dear Lee Ann,
Thereís a product, MediScar, with which Iíve had good results. Itís available on the web. Also, see my comments on Laser Genesis for real scar reduction.

Q: Hello Dr Berger,
I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Dominica. I grew up with a lot of scars on my feet from sports, recreation and country living. I have been hearing about Scarguard on the radio and I am thinking of trying it to get rid of the scars. Do you recommend it? If not what do you recommend? Thanks, BJ.

Dr. Berger: Dear BJ,
old scars are very difficult to treat. Donít expect too much. ScarGuard is as good as any other scar treatment, but itís intended for recent, soft skin scarsÖ not scars on tougher areas like the feet.
There is unfortunately no specific solution I can think of.

Q: Is there anyway to treat hypertrophic scaring? I have some hypertrophic acne scars and havenít seen much information about treatment.

Dr. Berger: CUTERA Laser Genesis.
With a series of 10-20 treatments over the scarred area with 45 miunutes of pre-treatment topical anesthetic scars frequently flatten and fade.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
First of all, I must say you are very handsome, and a man of experience, wisdom, and education, is impressive. Enough flirting, now for my serious question. I have a scar where my cleavage begins.
I had a small mole removed from there that appeared suddenly. I had it redone because it became a keloid. After the second time, it still had keloid. I went to a plastic surgeon who injected it several times til it finally flattened. And now it is soft and flat, however the redness will not disappear. It has been about 2 years. I've used Mederma, Vitamin E, aloe vera, and scar bandages, but to no avail. So finally I see that I will have to accept the redness, however, I would like to disguise it. Will Dermablend help this scar hide?
Thank you for your quick response,
Helene (Simi Valley, CA.)

Dr. Berger: I LIKE flirting! Itís refreshing... and especially when I can actually answer your question. LOL There are several options... one is to have a series of CUTERA Laser Genesis treatments to decrease the redness. Make certain the operator is a physician, and experienced in this problem (too bad youíre all the way in Simi!). There is a good company called Prescriptives™. They can match your skin tone and allow you to cover up.
Again, thanks for the kind words.

Q: Hi there, I have a small hyperpigmented scar just underneath my right eye caused by an injury. The scar is now 18 months old and is still slightly discolored. What can I do about this now?

Dr. Berger: There are several viable approaches here, John. Laser genesis can effectively fade scars, but you might want to try a cream containing Hydroquinone as a first line. A 4% preparation is a good place to start. Good luck.

Q: G.M COLLIN Stretch Mark and Keloid Smoother could  possibly help for removal of keloid. I have a keloid in between my breast itchy and become bigger. I would like to remove. Advise please.

Dr. Berger: Dear Gilda,
Keloids are an excess of collagen growth at a scar site. The collagen forms lumps and clumps instead of smooth layers and a flat matrix.
Injection of steroidal compounds like Kenalog can decrease the formation and Laser Genesis, at high levels with topical anesthetic can help smooth the appearance. Usually about 10+ treatments are necessary 3-4 weeks apart.

Q: I have had a hypertrophic keloid scar on my middle chest just above my breasts; cleavage for 17 years I have had it excised eight times and about two gallons of kenalog steroid injected.
I have also had laser light beams (gentle yag) zapped into it. It is really flattening and smoothing out lately but the redness is still a major factor for my confidence.
The light pulses have helped tremendously, but seem to activate the keloid cells. Could you suggest a make-up. I am very fair complected, a red-headed. Thanx in advance.

Dr. Berger: Dear Gretchen,
It's rare enough that light skinned red heads develop keloids at all. I would go to someone with a Cutera Xeo, use topical anesthetic cream and get about 10 treatments at relatively high settings. That might blanch out the small blood vessels which are actually causing the redness. Make certain the physician is no stranger to this problem. The last thing you need in that sensitive area is a burn!

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